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Southwestern Ceramic Sconces

When it comes to wall light fixtures with a Southwestern flavor, this collection by FABBY has you covered. Featuring bisque fired clay sconces that evoke a sense of ancient Native American White Ware, these ceramic wall sconce lights are handcrafted by a skilled artisan using white earthenware clay.

Wall mount lights found in this category include clay sconces with abstract diamond patterns or more definite depictions like a drum or sunburst. The natural bisque fired color lends itself well to the Southwestern Lighting styles, but wall light fixtures can also be painted using latex or acrylic. In addition to superior style, each of our wall sconce lights are UL Listed.

Conveniently browse our Southwestern Lighting category and place orders online. Wall mount lights by FABBY are all made in the U.S.A. and shipped using the utmost care, to ensure your order of clay sconces arrives in superior form.

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7" Drum Motif Ceramic Sconce
7" Southwestern Drum Cylinder Sconce
7"  Southwestern Sol Cylinder Sconce
7"  Cylinder Sconce w/ Rectangular Cut Outs
9" Southwestern Shapes Ceramic Sconce
9"  Southwestern Diamonds Ceramic Cylinder Sconce
9"  Southwestern Sol Cylinder Sconce
9"  Ceramic Cylinder Sconce w/ Southwestern Pattern
9" Southwestern Drum Cylinder Sconce
12.5"  Inverted Pyramid Sconce w/ Sun Detail
9"  Southwestern Cylinder Sconce w/ Sunburst & Square Pattern
9" Subtle Southwestern Shapes Sconce
9"  Cylinder Ceramic Sconce w/ Southwestern Shapes
7" Southwestern Sunburst Ceramic Sconce
7" Southwestern Motif Ceramic Wall Sconce
13" Rippled Arrowhead Ceramic Wall Sconce
7" Full Drum Southwestern Sconce
7" Cylinder Sconce w/ Stretched Diamond Pattern
7" Ceramic Sconce w/ Lower Southwestern Diamonds Border
5" Burst of Sol Ceramic Sconce
8.5" Simply Southwest Cylinder Sconce w/ Cut Out Pattern
6.5" Southwestern Sunburst Block Sconce