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For the interior designer looking for fun and decorative wall lights, we are proud to bring you this collection of ceramic designer sconces by FABBY. Find lively themes ranging from coastal, as seen in our seashell sconce, to celestial, as in our style with star cut outs.

Each wall lighting fixture found here is made from white earthenware clay that is hand prepared, poured into slip casts and subsequently bisque fired, giving these designer sconces their naturally beautiful eggshell white color. Designs with cut outs are given special care as creations of flawlessly fired pieces of ceramic art that also have all the practical functioning of modern lights.

Each of the FABBY decorative wall lights found here are handmade in the U.S.A. and shipped with great care to your order destination, so you can rest assured your seashell sconce will arrive as lovely as the photo online.

For more themed or patterned wall lighting fixture options check out our Children's section, or modern lights in our Contemporary & Modern category.

8.5"  Tumbler Bowl Wall Sconce w/ Critters
9.5"  Deep Bowl Ceramic Wall Sconce w/ Star Cut Outs
9"  Dragonfly  Themed Cylinder Sconce
9"  Ceramic Cylinder Sconce w/ Beta Fish & Bubbles
12"  Ceramic Bowl Sconce w/ Fish
7"  Fleur-de-lis Cylinder Sconce
14"  Seashell Themed Sconce
9"  Seashore Themed Ceramic Cylinder Sconce
9"  Ceramic Cylinder Sconce w/ Seahorse
17"  Seashell Themed Sconce
7"  North Star Wall Sconce
7" Seashell Motif Cylinder Wall Sconce
7" Dragonfly Themed Ceramic Wall Sconce
7" Fish Tank Themed Cylinder Sconce
7" Wilderness Themed Ceramic Wall Sconce
7" Leaflet Themed Ceramic Cylinder Sconce
9" Dog & Bone Canine Themed Sconce
27.5" Ceramic Ceiling Light w/ Fish Pattern
5" Single Dragonfly Ceramic Cylinder Sconce
5" Fish Pond Themed Cylinder Sconce
9" Bubbly Beta Fish Themed Ceramic Sconce
7" Ceramic Cylinder Sconce w/ Butterfly Graphic
9" Cylinder Sconce w/ Butterfly Cut Out
8.5" Sea Stars & Shells Lifestyle Ceramic Sconce