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Planter & Large Pot Reservoirs - Round

Container gardening poses a number of challenges that need to be overcome. One of them is that large pots have poorer water retention than ground soil. Alternatively, large reservoirs provide a sufficient compensation keeping plants hydrated. Large pots also need drainage so that nutrients, fertilizer, and natural runoff can occur to prevent unsavory conditions. Use round planter reservoirs eliminate this problem. Hence, self-watering planter reservoirs from Planters Unlimited diminishes both runoff and pollution while additionally reducing the need for frequent watering.

The benefits of using a self-watering reservoir are clear, given the environment plants have in large pots and round containers. A case in point: an individual planter well irrigates nine inches of soil past the edge. 12" water wells incorporated as self-watering planters will keep soil hydrated when placed in a round planter with a 21" diameter. Self-watering containers become a lifeline for keeping plants vibrant and alive in large round pots. Shop large planter reservoirs online or call for guidance; Click Here to browse all reservoirs »

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6" Round Planter Well Reservoir
8" Round Planter Well Reservoir
12" Round Planter Well Reservoir
14" Round Planter Well Reservoir

Large Round Reservoirs Rescue Dehydrated Plants

Large reservoirs can be a lifeline keeping plant life in big round pots hydrated and vibrant. Without them, plants require either frequent watering and nutritional additives or they perish. In fact, even frequent watering doesn't always serve plant life as well as round reservoirs can. Since planter reservoirs do more than wick excess water away, they also collect rainwater as a means to rehydrate plants, becoming natural organic cycling systems--a perfect solution as a kind of DIY self-watering planter mechanism. Each style of our planter and large pot reservoirs can be used in either hanging planters that become self-watering containers, or other shapes as well.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to make any planter into a self-watering one:

Benefits of Self-Watering Systems

While large round pots used for either flowering plants or container gardening can be beneficial in general, they can also pose problems for plant life. The most common problem associated with large containers is dehydration. Yet plants can become saturated with water, causing root rot as a result of insufficient drainage. The good news is that large reservoirs can reduce or eliminate altogether these problems. When nutritious water is present in the well, plant roots stretch to moist soil for hydration and nourishment without becoming water logged in the process. This, in turn, encourages robust root growth which is the life force of any plant. Plus, round reservoirs for large planters can save time for gardeners since they can hold water for up to two weeks, providing a healthy environment for foliage.

With four sizes of reservoirs for self-watering planters to choose from, you will never have to worry about dehydrated and dying plants due to insufficient moisture or water at the pot's bottom unable to be absorbed by the plant's roots. Beginning at six inch sizes, this round planter well reservoir can hold up to a quarter of a gallon of water. The eight inch water well planter reservoir holds up to three quarters of a gallon. The twelve inch water well reservoir holds up to a gallon and a half of water, with the fourteen inch water well holding up to two gallons of water.

For additional information, contact our planter professionals about ways to fit your large planter with a life-sustaining reservoir.

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