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Watering Drip Irrigation

Garden drip irrigation systems are a smart method for maintaining a consistent watering schedule of your pot, planter and window box arrangements. Online at Hooks and Lattice, we feature comprehensive drip irrigation kits that make it easy to create your own little micro irrigation system in container gardens and other small watering areas. Hanging baskets, window boxes and patio planters all thrive with this type of system in place.

Drip irrigation kits include adjustable in-line drippers, pressure gauges to regulate water flow, and some feature watering timers. When setting up garden drip irrigation systems, there are different considerations including the soil and plant type, surrounding environment, saturation and evaporation time, etc. Taking all factors into account will help to create the micro irrigation system and timing schedule that works best for your container and the plants in it. Most of the models feature will run on a 9v alkaline battery that is not included in the purchase of your garden drip irrigation kits.

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Oasis Self Watering Kit
Basic Drip Kit
Price: $79.85
A micro irrigation system created via drip kits for container and other small space gardens is an innovative way to keep your plants nourished. Each of the garden drip irrigation systems featured online at Hooks and Lattice is a comprehensive tool for keeping your watering on a schedule. Drip irrigation kits utilize pressure reducers and some have water timers that are connected to in-line drippers in order to keep your plants on a healthy schedule. Depending on what you're planting, the soil, sun exposure and type of container, adjustments can be made as needed.

Drip irrigation systems work particularly well for small container gardens such as window boxes, patio planters, pots and hanging baskets. In-line drippers connect to pressure reducers that are set by the gardener to create garden drip irrigation that works for you and your plants' schedule. Two of our models also come with a watering timer that can be set at different intervals. Adjustments can be made at different times of the year to accommodate fluctuating temperatures, amount of natural rainfall and sunlight. Basically, drip irrigation kits help home gardeners to create their own micro irrigation system similar to what nurseries use to keep their products consistently moistened for healthy growth.

The garden drip irrigation kits featured here come in three models including a Basic Drip Kit, Balcony Drip Irrigation with variable timer and the Oasis Self Watering Kit. To learn more about individual products please click on a product name or photo below. Drip irrigation systems that run off a timer are powered by a 9v alkaline battery that is not included in the purchase price.

Gardeners who work with drip irrigation systems rave about the liveliness of their plant life. Flowers, vines and edible herbs can all benefit from a consistent watering schedule and a micro irrigation system helps to accomplish this without constant meticulous attention to detail on the part of the gardener.

Drip irrigation kits are just another way you can make your garden grow vibrant and beautiful in an efficient way. Incorporate into your patio and container gardening repertoire today by placing your secure order online at Hooks and Lattice.