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Drip Irrigation Systems, Rain Catcher, Container Irrigation Systems

Innovative garden watering systems can help plants thrive while cutting down on your time and resource expenditure. From irrigation tools like rain catchers and drip irrigation supplies, to creative garden hose holders that make stowing and using your water supply a cinch, find products here to help make your garden efficiently grow.

The Mansfield Rain Catchers are a useful tool that collects up to 40 gallons of rainwater from your gutter's downspout all while displaying a pleasing plant arrangement. Our garden hose holders have a similar role of resource concealment, in that they provide a storage space for the ever-necessary green garden hose. These containers provide an attractively disguised housing. Finally, Hooks & Lattice also offers drip irrigation supplies to create truly efficient garden watering systems that disperse a gradual flow of moisture directly to plant roots with minimal evaporation and runoff. Browse and click on products below for more details and shipping information.

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Rain Catchers
Black Mansfield Rain Catcher
White Mansfield Rain Catcher
Rain Barrel with Planter - 2 Colors
Rain Barrel - 3 Colors
Watering Drip Irrigation
Oasis Self Watering Kit
Basic Drip Kit
Price: $89.85
Garden Hose Storage and Accessories
Modern Bowl Hose Hider (5 Colors)
Chickadee Garden Hose Holder
Perrault Garden Hose Holder
Prestige Garden Hose Bin-Black
Prestige Garden Hose Bin-Clay
Prestige Garden Hose Bin-White
Filigree Garden Hose Holder
Hose Tidy
Price: $54.85
Stylus Irrigation Kit - Garden Hose Fittings
Drip irrigation supplies, rain catchers and decorative garden hose holders are all methods of streamlining your garden watering systems. Keeping plants and flowers nourished and appropriately saturated is one of the biggest challenges a gardener faces, but configuring efficient garden watering systems is sure to make the job easier. By using tools and tricks available at Hooks & Lattice, plants stay healthy and gardeners are happy.

When it comes to healthy growing tools, rain catchers stem from one of the oldest notions in the gardening book: plants like water that comes directly from Mother Nature the best. Although straightforward as far as garden watering systems go, the Mansfield Rain Catchers need not be complicated. They simply catch the water as it plunges from a downspout and store it up to 40 gallons for use in the garden. On top of that, literally, they display a pleasing space for a small plant or flower arrangement. In the case of these rain catchers, smart simplicity will improve the state of your garden from root to bloom.

For slow and steady garden watering systems, drip irrigation supplies are an effective method of controlling saturation levels and getting more nourishment directly to plant roots. Options available online include basic and balcony drip kits, in addition to an Oasis Self Watering Kit that can water up to twenty plants from one source. Drip irrigation supplies bring evaporation and run off to a minimum by applying water at optimal times of the day or focusing deep down at plant roots. Through these resourceful methods, plants are healthier, foliage is thicker, and your time and resources are optimized throughout an entire container garden watering system.

Finally, garden hose holders are not to be discounted. All garden watering systems require a way to actually access the liquid and this often leads to the challenge of where to store a bright green garden hose. Those who spend most of their free time around flowerbeds, pots and planters know that storing a hose is a delicate balance of accessibility and appearance. Our garden hose holders help to strike this balance. We offer two options. First, attractive ground housings with lids and frontal access to pull hose slack out as needed. Second, Hooks & Lattice offers garden hose holders in the form of a decorative coiler that can be mounted to any outdoor wall.