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"PlanterWell" self watering reservoir systems for window boxes, pots and planters keep your flowers and plants moist for up to a month. With 17 different sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, round and bowl, we offer the selection needed to irrigate nearly any planter or window box. Please note, our systems drop inside your plant containers (the actual plant container, window box, hanging basket, pot or planter is not included.)

PlanterWell self watering reservoirs can keep most window boxes or planters properly irrigated for an entire month with one filling. This reduces the frequency of watering while also conserving resources, including your time and energy.

Cities, hospitals and colleges have reduced maintenance costs significantly with our "PlanterWell" reservoir systems. In a time when water conservation is critical, "PlanterWell" options from Hooks and Lattice provide a simple solution for window box and planter watering. Easy to install and easy to maintain, "PlanterWell" also eliminates water runoff and can act as a water harvesting system during the rainy season.

Please note: our systems drop inside your plant containers (the actual plant container, window box, hanging basket, pot or planter is not included.)

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The Hooks and Lattice "PlanterWell" self watering planter reservoir comes in convenient sizes to fit a range of window boxes and planters. It is also possible to link multiple "PlanterWell" window box and planter reservoirs to irrigate larger containers.

For example, if you have a window box measuring at 7" inside width, by 7" inside height, by 71" inside length you can use our WW6-4 "PlanterWell" reservoir kit with four 6" reservoirs connected in a series and one fill location. This would give your window box a full gallon of water to draw from, providing a consistent moisture level to keep flowers or plants irrigated for up to a month. As always, irrigation times will vary depending on climate zones. For areas with high temperatures and low humidity it might be necessary to purchase a larger kit than recommended to achieve the same irrigation time.

Many of our residential and commercial customers choose to link reservoirs at different depths within one large planter. This can simultaneously provide irrigation to flowering plants near the top with a separate reservoir feeding root balls at the bottom of larger plants. This "multi-tiered" approach to linking reservoirs is unlike any other system available today.

Installation is simple:

Step One: Place a drainage mat or 1" of gravel in the bottom of your window box or planter.
Step Two: Place the Hooks and Lattice "PlanterWell"" reservoir into the window box or planter directly on top of the gravel or irrigation mat.
Step Three: Insert the 1 1/4" PVC fill tube into the planter reservoir.
Step Four: Place a high quality potting mix into the window box or planter up to the desired level; tamp down the soil, do not pack.
Step Five: Place plants into your container and add more planting mix around them.
Step Six: Add water into the fill tube until the "PlanterWell" reservoir is full.
Step Seven: Replenish water in tank as required to maintain desired moisture level; every 1-2 weeks.

For larger planters and window boxes, Hooks and Lattice can design a self-watering reservoir system that attaches to a sprinkler system. For a custom quote on larger irrigation projects, please contact a knowledgeable member of our team at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.