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Bali Planters

Bali Planters

Our Bali Planters are resin flower pots constructed from a proprietary resin that is finished in a weathered look to resemble aged pottery. Although they look like clay planting pots, these containers have all the modern benefits of resin including resilience in most types of weather, and no cracking or crumbling.

Our Bali Planters come with an intricate self-watering system that, in an indoor environment, re-feeds water to the plant via its roots. If using as an outdoor resin planter, turn the Bali Planter upside down. Removing the rubber plug at the bottom of the resin flower pots will allow water to drain freely as to avoid overwatering. Simply slide the plug into the top of the planter for safekeeping, in the event your resin planter pots are eventually moved indoors. Choose from two sizes: 7'' or 10'' in diameter; and three colors: terra, denim or moss.

For questions on our Bali Resin Planter Pots or other styles resembling clay planting pots, please call Hooks & Lattice toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

7" Bali Planters
Price: $9.99
10" Bali Planters
Price: $21.85

For an indoor or outdoor resin planter to resemble clay planting pots in appearance, the Bali Planters from Hooks and Lattice are a topnotch selection. Built from a proprietary resin, each container is a durable outdoor resin planter that is also refined enough in finish to utilize indoors.

The Bali Planters are available in two sizes, including 7'' or 10'' in diameter. Each of these resin flower pots is given a faux weathered finish in one of three colors: denim, moss or traditional terra. The earthy looking terra finish most resembles traditional clay planting pots, while the blue denim and green moss containers provide an engaging pop of color. Choose resin flower pots in your choice of finishes via our convenient, secure online ordering system.

For use as indoor resin planter pots, our Bali Planters feature a self-watering system that recycles water back to the plant through its roots. Working through a bottom reservoir, water accumulates and allows the plant to wick up water as needed. The water-minder disk is glued to the bottom of resin flower pots and secured by a peg in the middle, assuring a tight fit so the water feature does not free itself from the planter.

For use as an outdoor resin planter, removal of the self-watering feature is simple. By stripping our Bali Planters of the rubber plug and reservoir, water will be allowed to drain freely for exterior applications. On top of creating a container resistant to overwatering, resin flower pots are resilient when it comes to weather. Durable construction means no cracking or crumbling and the lightweight resin also makes for simple relocation each season.

Bali Planters are a nice alternative to traditional clay planting pots, both in durability and cost. Comparably sized clay planting pots are more costly and susceptible to breakage and cracking in the garden. For the classic look of real ceramic planters, we recommend ordering Bali Planters in the terra finish. For a bolder tone that resembles painted clay, choose the blue-tone denim or earthy-green moss. Choose a palette best suited to your garden, place your secure online order, and get ready to plant with your favorite annuals, perennials, herbs or small shrubs.

For questions on the Bali Planters and other indoor/outdoor resin planter styles from Hooks & Lattice, we are happy to offer toll free assistance at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.