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Weathered Stone Round Planters

Round outdoor planters have increased in stature with the advent of our Weathered Stone Round Planters series made with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC.

What is GFRC? It is a modern material process using less concrete and far less water. Yet, what is included in the mixture is recycled glass, polymers, metals, and other recycled materials that, when combined, creates a fusion of all ingredients that fortify planters. At the same time, the manufacturing process incurs no off-gas chemicals or byproducts.

The result? Round modern planters made with GFRC are super strong while weighing a mere quarter of what large outdoor planters made from concrete weigh. And even though lightweight, pound for pound, one of our round stone or concrete sphere GFRC planters in the collection is far more durable since it doesn't crack or chip, unlike concrete only can.

Weathered stone round planters are a smart alternative to concrete since they essentially they are both lightweight and heavy duty. When it comes to large outdoor planters, incorporating round plant containers made with GFRC into your design scheme provides as much beauty as function. Fully customizable, our landscape planters specialists are standing by to assist.

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Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planters
Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planter 20in. Dia. x 16in. H
Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planter 48in. Dia. x 37in. H

Weathered Stone Round Outdoor Planters: The Ultimate Modern Planters

Large outdoor planters have become commonplace in many commercial environments since the advent of glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC as it is known. What is GFRC? In short, it is a combination of concrete and water consuming far less amounts of each that are then mixed with recycled glass fibers, polymers, and metals to strengthen it, creating a modern look while maintaining the appearance of concrete. This makes lightweight concrete planters a sought after product when it comes to selecting round plant containers.

So Many Large Outdoor Planters, So Little Time

The Halley Weathered Stone Sphere Planter is a perfect example of a heavy duty yet lightweight large round planter. It showcases all the visible characteristics of a concrete planter yet none of its liabilities. It is available in several standard colors while also subject to numerous custom colors, stains, and finishes. And because of its light weight, it can be easily moved from one location to another. What's more, by adding casters to the bottom, the Halley becomes that much more portable. Use large outdoor planters to line a pathway or flank an entrance to a hotel or commercial building. The natural pitted look of concrete fools the most savvy vandals who assume it's heavy and pass it by, thereby reducing the risk of theft of vandalism. Besides the pocked veneer mimicking the real thing, this very quality adds untold beauty and sophistication to wherever a weathered stone planter is placed. Available in several sizes, the Halley and other planters in the precast stone collection like it, can be tiered to create an artistic display, filling blank spaces or used as an attractive focal point.

More GFRC Eco-Friendly Facts

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) developed a rating system for scoring 'green architecture', of which the large outdoor planter manufacturing industry has benefitted from by using more eco-conscious manufacturing practices. With that in mind, weathered stone round planters (squares and rectangles as well) have consistently been at the forefront of innovation. With GFRC materials, landscape architects, designers, and homeowners can be confident the products they buy are not only stunning and beautiful, enhancing a building and landscape design scheme, professionals can also be confident that the lightweight concrete planters they buy are helping the environment in the process.