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Weathered Stone Square Planters

Weathered Stone Square Outdoor Planters provide the look of concrete without all the cumbersome weight. Weighing 75% less than conventional concrete, a large square glass fiber reinforced concrete planter may mimic cement flower pots, yet they are far more durable than concrete and won't crack or chip. Instead, when you select lightweight concrete planters made with glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, you are getting the best of both worlds--exceedingly rugged, yet stunningly beautiful large square plant pots in the process. By drawing on the modern technology of GFRC, choosing square weathered stone planters for your building's exterior decor, can convey the heft and heavy duty qualities of a concrete planter without its liabilities or breakdown.

Place weathered stone square planters on city walkways and pedestrian malls, even inner courtyards of commercial buildings. Adorn large entertainment venues with attractively arranged clusters of various sizes of precast stone planters. They also make lovely focal points in open space outside of public libraries, city halls, and on pedestrian malls. No matter where or how you decide to arrange these beauties, you can be confident they will look not only handsome and alluring; they will also last season after season in the harshest of climates. Plus, they are maintenance free and cleaning is easy.

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Titan Weathered Stone Square Planters
Titan Square Weathered Stone Planter 18in.L x 18in.W x18in.H
Titan Square Weathered Stone Planter 24in.L x 24in.W x 24in.H
Titan Square Weathered Stone Planter 24in.L x 24in.W x 30in.H
Titan Square Weathered Stone Planter 30in.L x 30in.W x 30in.H
Titan Square Weathered Stone Planter 36in.L x 36in.W x 36in.H
Titan Square Weathered Stone Planter 42in.L x 42in.W x 42in.H

The Handsome Charm of Weathered Stone Square Outdoor Planters

With so many unique and designer commercial planters to choose from on the market today, nothing speaks to such rugged handsomeness as our Weathered Stone Square Outdoor Planters. Rustic and durable, these heavy duty large square plant pots may represent the heft of cement flower pots but as a glass fiber reinforced concrete planter, or GFRC, they weigh a fraction of concrete's weight. In fact, our lightweight concrete planters in the Weathered Stone category weigh in at a mere 25% of concrete's weight. Given this fact, they are easy to move around yet hold just as heavy a load that cement planters do. This capability makes them an ideal choice for many design professionals and estate home owners.

Perfect For Upscale and Down Home Decor Alike

The weathered stone planter collection makes for stunning displays in a variety of commercial settings. They are ideal for lining pedestrian pathways or other high traffic areas, adorning large open spaces for civic centers, amphitheaters, business building courtyards, and flanking entrances to commercial buildings. Available in a myriad of sizes and shapes, many designers like to create a tiered effect as a focal point, or to 'hide' unsightly electrical equipment. They are the perfect solution for either of these purposes while also offering untold beauty in the process. What's more, weathered stone planters made from GFRC material are eco-friendly. The manufacturing process for GFRC includes recycled content such as sand, glass, metals, and other recycled aggregates. Besides being 'green', the very process makes the finished product stronger, more durable, and less likely to break down, chip, crack, or peel. It's no wonder landscape designers and builders turn to GFRC planters such as the weathered stone collection we carry. It's cost effective over the long term.

Customization Options

Since designers and homeowners alike have projects they like to match planters either in color or size, even shape, we offer many customization options to meet your needs. We also do custom finishes as well. Call us today to speak with one of our design experts about your next project.