36in. Regalia Decora Window Box with White Galvanized Liner

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New Levels of Style
If you're looking for curb appeal ideas for balconies, then you won't have to look any further than our wrought iron window box cages. With their luxurious scrolling bars and black finish, they make a classic statement no matter whether your home is a condo or high rise apartment. Place them along railings using our specialized hardware and enjoy a garden oasis anywhere desired. They can also be used as a fence planter box, along walls, or set on window sills for a totally tailored outdoor ensemble. A liner is included. It boasts a white finish, which creates a striking contrast against the black metal work and gently tapered shape of the window box itself.

Long-lasting Function
Our fence planter box is more than just good looks. These planters are made to last through the seasons without wearing out or giving in to inclement weather conditions. The iron construction and interior liner are made with a powder coated finish. This type of finish is achieved using a process in which the color is baked into the material directly, reducing the risk of issues paint often succumbs to, such as peeling or rusting. Additionally, wrought iron is well-known for its stability, allowing even heavier plants to remain securely in place through the seasons.

Convenience and Versatility Come Standard
These planters come with a liner already in place, allowing for easier planting and removal of flower arrangements during off seasons or whenever you need to swap out summer blooms for fall foliage. Add your soil and plants directly to the liner and then slip into the window box. Holes have been pre-drilled into the bottom to allow for proper drainage during heavy rain or when you accidentally over-water. This helps prevent root rot, mold, and other issues caused by excess moisture. Additionally, more sizes and accessories may also be purchased by request to make gardening even easier.

More Information
Length 36"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner White
Color Black
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