72in. Regalia Decora Window Box with White Galvanized Liner

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Large Flower Arrangements made Possible
Accommodate even the largest of flower arrangements or plant assortments with these long wrought iron window boxes and liner combos. The cage is made extra-large, allowing it to hold small edibles, sizable blooms, and a host of other plants. Combine with our sturdy hardware, and you'll enjoy a garden oasis right outside your kitchen window, along fencing, or even on balcony railings outside an upper level apartment. This is made possible not only due to the planter's size, but also its durable construction. It's made by hand from wrought iron, and both the cage and liner are powder coated to resist weather damage such as rusting or fading when used in rain or direct sun.

Instant Curb Appeal
A wall planter box provides an easy and economical way to update a home's exterior without going through too much trouble or expense. These cages are even easier to use than most since they're designed for easy installation. And the liners can be quickly moved from place to place when needed as well. Add soil to the liner and simply lift into place. Cages all have an ornate pattern with curls and scrolls, combined with a sleek black finish that bodes well for most any décor. Liners are white for a remarkable contrast, although additional colors are also available upon request.

Find the Right Wall Planter Box
Customize your order to make this planter a unique addition to your home's exterior decor. Additional sizes are offered to accommodate any window or railing, as well as varied hardware options to make installation a breeze. Liner upgrades and choices are also available. Choose from galvanized metal colors, real copper, PVC, or vinyl liners. Accessories are available separately, including realistic faux plants as well as our internal watering system, which makes keeping plants properly hydrated easier even when you aren't home to do the watering yourself.

More Information
Length 72"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner White
Color Black
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