30" Deluxe Scroll Window Box w/ Std Coconut Coir Liner

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Your home will look like an English country cottage after your install our 30" Deluxe Scroll Window Box and Coconut Coir Liner. The gentle curve of the Deluxe Scroll Window Box makes it ideal for a backyard or patio filled with natural and peaceful décor, since it adds an elegant but whimsical feel the look, suitable for both modern and more traditional exterior design themes. The window box itself is made from powder coated black metal, making it resistant to rust. Since the color is baked right into the metal, corrosion and fading due to direct sunlight are kept at bay, allowing you to enjoy dependable strength and style over the long haul. You'll be pleased with both of its 1 1/4" pre-drilled tabs, since they make for easier installation, allowing you to use your new window planter almost as soon as you get it home. The included coconut coir liner will always make your blooming flowers look even more vibrant with its rustic appeal, while also allowing for greater water retention, which keeps moisture close to your plants where it belongs, while also preventing improper drainage, which can lead to mold growth and root rot issues. Additional lengths from 2-ft to 6 foot long window boxes are available online, or call toll free for a custom quote.

More Information
Length 30"
Height 8.5'
Width 9"
Material Coconut Coir, Wrought Iron
Liner Coconut Coir
Color Black
Sizes 30"
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