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Window Box Photos

Connecting gardeners, photographers and nature lovers around the globe, the annual Window Box Contest is a celebration of botanical beauty. Our customers and other container gardening enthusiasts submit pictures of window box arrangements that show off their favorite combinations of container plants. Not only do these photos prove to be some of the prettiest you'll see all year, but they also provide plenty of inspiration to try window box ideas for sun or shade, spring or fall, and everything in between.

Always wondered how to arrange flowers in window boxes for gorgeous results? Take your cues from fellow gardeners! And, of course, if you have an example of your own, be sure to enter it and share the curb appeal wealth. Here at Hooks and Lattice, we look forward to all of the cheerful photos we receive each year. Your creative ideas serve to constantly reinvent what we know about arranging flowers. Proving that, in window boxes, anything is possible.

Be sure to Follow @HooksandLattice on Instagram and enter the #WindowBoxBeauty Photo Contest -- We're giving away $100 weekly, and you don't have to be a professional photographer or even own a window box to win!

#WindowBoxBeauty Instagram Contest
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Share Your Window Box Pictures

Creating the best window box arrangements is a labor of botanical love. Combining knowledge of plant and soil types, environmental conditions, and a patience for trial and error, container gardeners manage to come up with some of the most inventive displays around. To honor the art of creative flower arranging, Hooks And Lattice invites our customers and other green thumbs nationwide to share their successes. This unique opportunity is brought to you by our annual Window Box Contest.

Each year, entrants from across the country submit pictures of window box arrangements for a chance to win prizes. Showing off flower box ideas for spring, summer, fall and winter, the colors and plant varieties are as diverse as the regions they come from. And displays even span different categories including window boxes on railings and walls.

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Besides liking and sharing the best and most creative window box ideas, the contest builds a sense of community among gardeners. Our Instagram account is an exciting arena in which to share your knowhow of botanical arranging on a grander scale. Not to mention, it's a great source of inspiration and place to get fresh ideas for window planter boxes on display at your home. Simply Follow Us then share your beautiful window box features with #WindowBoxBeauty @hooksandlattice to enter and win.

Get Window Box Ideas

Learning how to arrange flowers in window boxes is as much about experimenting as it is about good plant choices. Generally, gardeners who are willing to take the most risks and try new combinations will reap the most gorgeous rewards. And keep in mind that spring and summertime annuals and perennials are not the only thing on the menu here! Picture festive window box arrangements for the autumn and winter holidays. Joyful cornucopias of color are just at home inside of a wall mount planter as atop your Thanksgiving table. And around Christmas time, let strokes of silver and gold dance amidst vibrant poinsettias and evergreen bows

Sharing is Caring

Whatever season, idea or flower inspires your arrangement, we encourage you to share it. Not only with us, but with a community of window box enthusiasts nationwide. So, plant on and then share the beauty! Read the photo contest rules and tips, and see our most recent entries on our #WindowBoxBeauty Contest page »