36in. Olde World Style Window Planters

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Return your exterior cottage décor to a past place of charming elegance and natural beauty with rustic, olde-world window box planters. These classic flower baskets are designed to resemble handmade hayracks that you can adhere easily and conveniently to your windowsills, patio railings, or balcony bannisters. They are lined with coconut coir liner - a combination of crushed, mashed materials and coco fibers that retain moisture, making it the ultimate for nourishing your plants and flowers. The old-world window box planter itself consists of a tubular metal cage, circled with a reliable, durable rattan. In addition, these large hayrack window box cages are available in your choice of three sizes.

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Length 36"
Height 10.5"
Width 10"
Material Coconut Coir
Color Natural
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