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Galvanized Window Boxes- Silver Tone Metal

When you think of window boxes, you probably picture wooden, rustic boxes or utilitarian-looking white plastic boxes. Or perhaps you get a bit more creative and visualize painted wood boxes or colored plastic boxes. Metal boxes don't even enter the picture. Well they do now. Our galvanized metal window boxes add a chic, edgy look to your windows and outdoor décor. Our silver planters can be mounted to a wall or placed on top of one. The silver tone window box is part of our metal box collection, which also includes copper-tone, bronze tone and real copper designs.

The boxes have a powder coated finish, which means instead of having paint sprayed onto the metal, the paint is baked on. This allows the finish to permeate into the metal and serve as a barrier from water, heat, cold and rust. The boxes will last longer and look amazing for years to come. The boxes come in a range of sizes, and can be used as standalone planters on combined with other planters to create a stunning effect. Each box can be hung with standard brackets made specifically for these boxes. Or if you have something unique in mind, we can create a product that matches your vision.

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24in. Galvanized Window Box- Silver Tone
30in. Galvanized Window Box- Silver Tone
36in. Galvanized Window Box- Silver Tone
42in. Galvanized Window Box- Silver Tone
48in. Galvanized Window Box- Silver Tone
60in. Galvanized Window Box- Silver Tone
72in. Galvanized Window Box- Silver Tone

Galvanized Window Boxes in Silver Tone Metal

The metallic look has become very popular of late and what better way to include it in your home design than through Galvanized Window boxes made in a Silver Tone color. Add free-standing silver planters for an aesthetic modern avant-garde look, which is particularly appealing when complementing window boxes attached beneath your window. Our tapered silver planters look stunning when decorating many household styles too, not just for the avant-garde. Yet, they are quite attractive when adorning ultra-modern homes made of smooth stucco, pocked concrete or those with contemporary vinyl siding. What's more, these lovely Silver Tone Metal Window Boxes are so versatile they can be hung as conventional window planters, or set on the ground. They can even be used to line concrete retaining walls, to decorate your deck or as walkway accents.


  • Galvanized steel
  • Powder coated silver (rust resistant)
  • Fits all Decora series window box planters
  • Includes drainage holes

Durable Decorative Planter Boxes

Our decorative planter boxes are available in several sizes beginning at 24 inches long on up to 72 inches. Custom sizes are also available so if you have unique requirements, we can manufacture whatever size you need to fit your home's windows. In addition to silver tone, we also carry copper tone and bronze tone should your design plans call for additional metallic shades. And besides the inherent durability of galvanized window boxes, our proprietary silver finish increases each planter's lifetime use. How? Instead of their stunning silver tone color being painted on it is baked, allowing it to penetrate deep into the metal. Our special process also creates a liquid barrier so these planter boxes don't even require a window box liner. Plus, the baking process prevents rust and corrosion as well. And without a planter liner, you can just add soil directly into the window box to get your flowers and foliage growing quickly

Silver Tone Planter Boxes Double as Liners

These decorative planter boxes can do double duty when used as window box liners. In fact, many homeowners purchase these galvanized window boxes to insert into wrought iron planters as a way to showcase them even more. Their silver tone coloring makes a striking contrast against the powder black wrought iron finish. So whether you use them as stand-alone window boxes or as liners to accent tapered iron window cages, these metal planters can provide years of attractive use no matter how you choose to display them.