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XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes

If you love the classic look of our Laguna style composite planters, but are looking for a lightweight planter option that looks the same, the XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes are for you. Fiberglass is known as the strongest, most durable - and lightweight - planter box material you can find.

Fiberglass Flower Boxes:

  • Offered in 8 standard, in-stock sizes and 3 colors
  • Can be converted to self watering planters by adding one of our water reservoirs above using the dropdown menu
  • Are customizable - call for an estimate!

Hang window boxes on the front of your home to increase curb appeal and create beautiful window gardens you can enjoy from indoors. Fiberglass flower boxes are perfect for planting small plants, succulents, flowers and even edibles like kitchen herbs. Our water reservoirs can make anyone look like a master gardener with minimal effort. Click into products to learn more and view color options.

24in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box
30in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box
36in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box
42in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box
48in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box
54in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box
60in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box
72in. XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Box

XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes

If you have been looking for a heavy-duty, durable yet attractive flower planter, be sure and check out our XL Laguna Fiberglass Window Boxes. They double either as small space gardening railing or fence planters for limited fruits and vegetables you like, or are perfect for use as a large window box planter. Easy to install with their cleat mounting system that comes with each window planter box, these black, bronze or white window planters are long on curb appeal and short on maintenance requirements. In fact, manufactured with durable fiberglass makes them one safe bet to last many years in all kinds of climates. Rain or shine, they survive freeze and thaw cycles better than just about any other material. What's more, they require no upkeep other than wiping down with a damp cloth when dust or debris builds up.

The Ultimate Window Garden Boxes

The Laguna Fiberglass window garden boxes are impressive in any size. Yet, the extra-large version of this classic has added value, though not just in space. As a large planter, the fiberglass material it is made from makes it far easier to move from one place to another. It's just one of the enduring qualities of this planter. Another important quality is its ability to be customized. While we offer it in eight standard sizes and three colors - white, black, and bronze - it can also be fully customized to either size, color, finish, or all three. Our custom capability allows you to match the XL Laguna window planter to your home's exterior, complementing its existing color and style, thereby boosting curb appeal even more.

Flowers, Foliage, or Artificial Plants as Filler

Many people use this Laguna planter for vegetables or herbs. Just as many, maybe more, plant colorful flowers or flowering vines that trail off the sides to create a full look in the front of their home. If you prefer, populate with artificial succulents or plants if you don't have time for gardening but want the curb appeal this window box commands. You can even enjoy these planters indoors, too, setting them on breezeway floors or as focal points in large living rooms, solariums, in libraries or game rooms. For additional information and custom options, please call 800-896-0978.

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