24in. Olde World Style Window Planters

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In centuries past, farmers added charm to the look of their homes by installing metal frames along the windows, filling them with hay and then planting flowers. Now, you can add a touch of this Old World charm to the exterior of your home with the Olde World Style Window Planters. Instead of hay, these metal planters are lined with coconut coir, which allows for ample airflow to root systems and holds onto water, while also allowing for proper drainage to prevent root rot. Two loops along the back of the window planter basket allow for easy mounting, and the hayrack is finished with a grapevine rattan band all the way along its top. With the coordinating brackets (sold separately), you can easily mount this box to fences, railings, or along windowsills like more conventional planter boxes. It's expertly crafted from durable wrought iron, allowing it to withstand the rigors of use outdoors. It's also been powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion, as well as fading caused by direct sun exposure. Smaller than our XL window planter basket, it's perfect for smaller homes and cottages. It's also less expensive than comparable planters, allowing you to enjoy a budget friendly option that doesn't have the budget friendly look.

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Length 24"
Height 7.5"
Width 7"
Material Wrought Iron
Liner Coconut Coir
Color Natural
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