42in. Medallion Decora Window Box w/ Black Tone Galvanized Liner

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If you're looking for window boxes are that are a cut above others you've tried, then these are sure to please. They boast an elegant but simpe appearance that bodes well for virtually any home décor. Their X frame meets at the point of a detailed floral sunburst metallion, creating a decorative appeal that is stylish, but without being over the top - allowing your flowers to be showcased like they deserve.

These window boxes can be mounted to any windowsill, but add our specialized brackets, and they're also fitting for use along walls, fences, and railings. They'll go where other planters can't, offering you gardening options you never thought possible. Ideal for those who live in apartments or anyone with limited gardening space!

Planters are fashioned from wrought iron for optimum strength that is capable of supporting even heavier flowers and greenery. Additionally, you'll find that these planters are perfect when combined with our galvanized metal liners or your own choice of terra cotta flower pots. Liners make planting easier, since they can be easily removed when you need to bring your plants indoors, or when it's time to clean and replant for the next growing season. When you're seeds or flowers are back in place, just sit the liners bac inside the planter effortlessly.

All items are weather proofed for resistance to rusting, corrosion, fading, and chipping - weather is no longer a deciding factor in whether you can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers combined with the style of a metal window box.

Ask about custom sizes, finishes, and liner colors. Ideal for mounting on walls, fences and railings -- hardware and mounting brackets sold separately. Click Here» to view all.

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Length 42"
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Black
Color Black
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