30in. Venetian Decora Window Box w/ Black Tone Galvanized Liner

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Refuse to adorn your exterior home décor with boring, tired-and-tried accents, and instead opt for window box planters to enhance the curb appeal of your outdoor design. Each of our planter boxes come equipped with a black-toned, galvanized metal liner that has been polished and finished to gleam and shine, while preventing the typical damages that could accompany constant weather exposure. Additionally, liners are an ideal choice for those who want easier container gardening, since they can be lifted from the window box when needed. This allows you to take plants indoors during inclement weather conditions, or it makes for easier removal when you're ready to replant for the season.

The planter box cages themselves are constructed from wrought iron and finished with a black powder-coating that naturally protects against rotting, rusting, and insect infestation, since the black coloring is baked into the iron directly. This also makes chipping a virtual thing of the past. As far as placement is concerned, these window box planters would look beautiful anywhere, whether it be a bannister or your favorite window. Just order specialized brackets for placement along railings, walls, or fences and enjoy a stunning container garden anywhere you wish. Choose from additional liners and flower pots to enhance the look further.

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Length 30"
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Black
Color Black
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