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48in. Del Mar Decora Window Box w/ Textured Bronze Liner

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Top 49"L x 8 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H (not including scrolls)

A Touch of European Style

Design perfection comes so easily to you that it's like you're not even trying. At least, that's what people will think when they see these stunning Del Mar Decora metal window boxes on your façade. And whether it's true or not, we're here to give your home the look of effortless upscale style with this handcrafted outdoor planter. Our large window planters draw on classic European style and Old World craftsmanship to give you a look that is distinctly elegant, from the graceful curves to the high-quality material. Each Del Mar Decora window box comes with its own sturdy metal liner in a striking textured bronze finish. A combination that is sure to stand out against any backdrop!

Many Seasons of Effortless Beauty

Whether you architectural style is traditional or contemporary this window box planter has a little bit of everything to meet your needs. Rounded vertical beams gently zigzag to converge in whimsical scrolls at the planter's rim. The black powder coat finish gives the planter cage a versatile look while also protecting it from rusting and the elements. In a classic pairing of black and brown, the interior planter liner showcases a handsome textured bronze tone. The durable metal liner makes plant care a snap because it can easily be removed for repotting, trimming, or winter storage.

Displaying Large Window Planters

Window box planters give you the convenience of bright blooms, fresh foliage, and fragrant greenery at virtually any spot on your home or in your yards. These planter boxes have a flat back side with integrated bracket strips for easy mounting on any flat surface. Display one under every window on your façade, or choose specific focal points to draw extra attention to your kitchen, living room, or second story windows. These planter boxes also mount on deck, porch, or balcony railings so that you can add a bit of natural visual interest to that outdoor living space.

Top 49"L x 8 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H not including ornamental iron scrolls around top edge of  wrought iron window box.  Scrolls add 4" to overall length and 2" to width.

Texture Bronze Del Mar Decora Wrought Iron Window Box Hooks and Lattice dot com

Click Here for Metal Window Box Installation Instructions
Hooks and Lattice Decora Installation Picture
Bolts sold separately and not included. Your hardware will vary depending on the surface you are mounting your window box planter to.

Add a pair of  Deck Rail Brackets by selecting Qty "1" in box on right side of page.  2" x 4" Brackets are $10.85/pr; 2" x 6" are $12.85/pr.

Deck Rail Brackets Wrought Iron Window Boxes - Hooks and Lattice dot com

The Decora Series wrought iron window boxes from Hooks and Lattice are a beautiful addition to any window, deck or patio.  These metal window boxes are offered in five styles and five liners to choose from. Our Decoras window box features (sometimes called flower boxes or deck rail boxes):

  • Six stock lengths available to ship in 2-3 days (24, 30, 36, 48, 60, 72").
  • Textured black, powder-coated baked on finishes that helps resist rust and the elements.
  • A variety of brackets for all deck rail sizes that allows for the stylish decoration of patio or deck areas (sold separately).
  • Top quality craftsmanship in ornamental iron styling and finishing (2" scrolls).
  • Easy Mounting Strip in the back of iron bracket for quick and simple installation on any surface. 

All Decora wrought iron window box planters have a tapered shape from top to bottom and the liners are also tapered for perfect fit.

Dimensions: Length x 8 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H (not including 2" ornamental scrolls).
Note: Mounting screws/bolts not included.

If decorating your patio, deck or deck rails - we offer several mounting bracket options that offer security and make for easy removal, cleaning and plant care. You can easily add to cart by choosing a bracket set (enter Qty 1 for a set of 2) on the right side of this page.  Brackets are offered for 2x4" deck railing or 2x6".

Flower Box Railing Brackets Hooks and Lattice