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Window Box Reservoirs, Planter & Pot Reservoirs, Hanging Basket Reservoirs & Sub-Irrigation Systems for Containers

Self-Watering Reservoirs and sub-irrigation systems, whether line-fed or free standing are the sensible, time-saving and water conserving way to go. Whether a planter reservoir, window box sub-irrigation reservoir, hanging basket self-watering reservoir or any container gardening irrigation solution - Hooks & Lattice has the size and shape any home, business or city would need.

Hooks & Lattice offers round reservoirs, rectangular water reservoirs, tapered square water reservoirs, bowl shaped hanging basket reservoirs and even tapered round reservoirs for pots. Self watering window box reservoirs, sub-irrigation tank and well reservoirs are a specialty of ours.

Water conservation makes sense from every angle and when you add the convenience and time economy of watering your container once every week or two - you combine the personal benefits with added plant health in one solution.

Window Box Water Reservoirs
Planter & Large Pot Reservoirs - Round
Hanging Basket Reservoirs & Inserts
Flowerpot Reservoir Inserts
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Rain Barrel with Planter - 2 Colors
Rain Barrel - 3 Colors
Water conservation can be joined with convenience with our broad selection of self watering and sub-irrigation reservoirs and tanks. From homewoners with one window box to cities, municipalities, urban revitalization projects and schools have all discovered the time and labor savings of not having to pay for or remember to water plants and flowers in hard to reach areas. Many drip irrigation systems only top water, failing to deliver the moisture where it is needed and nurtured by the plants the most - the root ball! Our watering reservoirs and irrigation solutions solve that problem fast. Plants grow bigger and bloom faster the quicker the water can get to the roots.

The gravity fed self-wicking system from reservoir to soil to root is natures way of naturally delivering the "juice" plants seek so our reservoirs ensure not only the soil in the recessed cavities of our tanks remain moist but that the "moisture perimeter" of each reservoir is extended up to 9" beyond the water tank itself. We can even link reservoirs together on request for custom window boxes and planters.

Installation is a snap as you simply place your reservoir in the bottom of your container (with the PVC pipe extruding upwards) and plant on top. Many homeowners choose to put a thin drainage layer of gravel beneath the reservoir as well and this is a recommended process if your window box, planter or pot is going to receive supplemental top watering as well. Either way, water conservation, convenience and plant health all come together through the use of self watering reservoirs from Hooks & Lattice. Call us (800-896-0978) if you need further information or consultation.