30in. XL Carolina Window Box w/ XL Coco Liner

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Both deeper and larger than the Deluxe and English Garden Window Baskets, the Carolina Window Basket takes the adaptation of the classic window box one step further. By implementing an elegant round bar construction and combining it with a flat black powder coated finish we have created a style that is steeped in the tradition of the south, while also offering the durability you need to enjoy fresh style season after season. The wrought iron construction is sturdy enough to handle even larger plants, while the powder coated finish will maintain its appearance in rain, snow, or direct sun - there's no worry over rusting, corrosion, peeling, chipping, or fading. In keeping with that tradition, we modified the dimensions to fit the warmer climate coastal climate of the south and made the beds deeper and larger to retain moisture longer, while the extra thick coconut coir liner also allows for proper drainage to prevent root rot. Liners are made from real coconut husks and held together with tree sap for an all-natural feel. The Oversized Carolina Window Boxes are 10" High and 9.5" deep and come complete with a natural preformed coconut liner. Mount to any windowsill and enjoy the freedom to plant even larger flowers, shrubs, and edibles.

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Length 30"
Height 10"
Width 9.5"
Material Coconut Coir, Wrought Iron
Liner Coconut Coir
Color Black
Sizes 30"
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