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Medallion Plastic Window Boxes or Window Box Liners

For use as plastic window boxes mounted directly to a wall or railing, or as plastic window box liners for the Hooks & Lattice Decora line of wrought iron window box cages, the Medallion line is an inexpensive choice for durable container planting. Each low cost plastic window box is made from strong, long-lasting PVC, features a removable drainage tray, and comes in white or terracotta.

For use as plastic window box liners, the Medallion PVC flower boxes can accommodate a range of containers but are specifically suited to our collection of Decora style planter cages. Against the outer wrought iron material, a contrast of brilliant white or warm terracotta provides an inviting and affordable addition to deck railings, window frames and fences.

Also sturdy enough to serve as plastic window boxes, these simply require mounting brackets to support them. Choose from wall brackets, railing brackets, and deck brackets.

24in. Medallion PVC Window Box or Liner
Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $10.00
30in. Medallion PVC Window Box or Liner
Price: $18.00
Sale Price: $12.00
36in. Medallion PVC Window Box or Liner
Price: $19.85
Sale Price: $14.00
Medallion Deck Bracket (Pair)
Medallion Rail Bracket (Pair)
Medallion Universal Bracket (Pair)
Medallion Wall Bracket - (Pair)
The Medallion Plastic Window Boxes from Hooks & Lattice are an inexpensive option for plastic window box liners or as-is container gardens. Each of these flower boxes is appropriate to mount as it stands to a wall, below a window frame or along railings and fences. However, this style is also commonly chosen for low cost plastic window box liners to accompany our Decora collection of wrought iron cages.

Whether applying as plastic window box liners or as stand alone PVC window boxes, the Medallion is a resilient and attractive outdoor container. For healthy growing, these affordable PVC flower boxes are each lined with a removable drainage tray. For visual appeal, the Medallion features alluring groove details on its front and also come in a choice of two colors, white or terracotta. Many of our customers who purchase our Decora Wrought Iron Window Cages find that plastic window box liners are a low cost choice with maximum visual appeal. The contrast of bright white or charming terracotta provides a nice contrast against elegant wrought iron cages.

PVC Window Boxes in the Medallion style are available to purchase online in three sizes: 24"", 30"" or 36'' long, with each container measuring 8"" wide by 7 1/2"" high. All sizes are suited to application as plastic window box liners for Decora window cages with corresponding dimensions. By clicking on individual products above, customers will be able to view drop-down menus to choose a color. The PVC material is resistant to fading, so containers that are exposed to consistent sunlight will still hold their color.

To mount PVC flower boxes on their own, Hooks & Lattice also offers brackets and hardware for wall, railing or deck mounts in addition to a universal bracket that can support up to approximately 37 pounds on a railing mount. Please note that Medallion PVC Window Boxes are not sold with hardware and mounting brackets included, so these items must be purchased separately based on the planned mount type. Each of the mounting brackets featured above includes screws for an easy, durable and affordable mount.