36" XL Scroll Window Box w/ XL Coco Liner

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Add a uniquely "outdoorsy" feel to your home without sacrificing your elegant sense of style, with these scroll window boxes. They offer a durable construction mingled with a sleek appearance that can be dressed up or down depending on your existing exterior design. The interior of each planter is spacious enough to accommodate four of your favorite terra cotta flower pots, allowing you to create a stunning mix-and-match display of colorful blossoms. Or, use with a liner to create a more laid back ambiance, allowing even more space for flowers, vines, or edibles to have available right outside your kitchen window. Scroll window boxes are made from long-lasting wrought iron. Known for its strength, wrought iron provides the support heavier plants and pots need while still being lightweight enough for easy installation. The finish is powder coated, offering additional durability against harsh weather conditions. You'll never have to think about rusting, fading, or peeling even in areas with frequent inclement weather. The dark finish works well with most any décor, and integrates nicely with more colorful pottery or liners. All told, the features of scroll window boxes combine effectively, allowing you to create just the look you want for any season.

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Length 36"
Height 10"
Width 9.5"
Material Coconut Coir, Wrought Iron
Liner Coconut Coir
Color Black
Sizes 36"
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