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La Fleur Fiberglass Window Boxes

"La Fleur" Style Hand Crafted Fiberglass Window Box

By using a hand carved wooden mold, the La Fleur Fiberglass Window Boxes emerge with the artistic look and feel of French-inspired design. When mounted below windows and planted with brilliant plants and flowers, this fiberglass window box looks even more alive.

Our eight-step construction process is fully hand-formed and hand-finish, making each fiberglass window box a truly unique product. As a result of the hand carved molds, the La Fleur Fiberglass Window Boxes show slight variation and dimension on their front facing finish adding that extra charm all gardeners seek.

If your window box plans call for a planter without slight imperfections, we recommend the Supreme Fiberglass Window Box. For the La Fleur Window Box style, your purchase includes stainless steel mounting brackets that are hidden from the front. Or, add scroll brackets to your window box plans: they are sold separately and will be pictured when you click on a specific size of container in the product category below.

24in. La Fleur Fiberglass Window Box
30in. La Fleur Fiberglass Window Box
36in. La Fleur Fiberglass Window Box
48in. La Fleur Fiberglass Window Box
60in. La Fleur Fiberglass Window Box
72in. La Fleur Fiberglass Window Box

Bring French-inspired window box plans to your home garden with the La Fleur Fiberglass Window Boxes from Hooks and Lattice. With a charming crisscross detail, each fiberglass window box in this collection exudes the artful taste of a handcrafted product.

Made from durable and attractive fiberglass, the La Fleur Fiberglass Window Boxes are actually constructed using an eight-step process involving a fully hand-formed and hand-finish technique. You may already be thinking that anything described as handcrafted is usually accompanied by an outrageous price tag. In the case of this fiberglass window box, it just isn't so! Keep your window box plans affordable with these attractive containers and smartly create the illusion that you spent a lot more.

Due to the hand-carved wood molds utilized for the La Fleur Fiberglass Window Boxes, these containers are unique in that they show slight imperfections the way more traditional materials would. This means each container is a truly distinctive piece, giving your window box plans a special touch.

The La Fleur style handcrafted window boxes come in six standard sizes including 24'', 30'', 36'', 48'', 60'' and 72'' in length. These dimensions will accommodate most projects, but if you have a need for custom fiberglass planters, a Hooks and Lattice representative will be happy to discuss your needs over the phone.

With purchase of a La Fleur Fiberglass Window Box, a pair of stainless steel mounting brackets is included. Hardware will be hidden when viewing mounted window boxes from the front. If you want visible mounting details, decorative options are also available for separate purchase online. By clicking on a specific fiberglass window box size in the La Fleur style, our customers will see suggested mounting options come up in the right column of their screen.

When making window box plans if you like the idea of a fiberglass window box but the La Fleur is not your speed, no problem - check out the other Fiberglass Window Boxes from Hooks and Lattice. Our Supreme and Del Sol Fiberglass Window Boxes provide more of a simplistic, blank canvas type of aesthetic in contrast to the distinctly designed La Fleur.

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