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European Window Box Cage

European Window Box Cage

Another Hooks and Lattice original, the European Window Box Cage - shown here holding a series of 8" pots - is also designed to hold our fiberglass window boxes. Made of welded wrought iron, our European Window Box Cages are powder coated in a textured black paint to resist rust. Use them as wrought iron flower pot holders or insert a liner to create one long planting container.

The European Window Box Cages are shown online in our standard sizes, but can be made available in most any length. Holes drilled along the back rail of each wrought iron flower box make for a simple installation to any flat surface. Optional shelf type mounting brackets are also available. The popularity of these wrought iron flower pot holders has spurred imitations, but beware of cheaply made versions fabricated from inferior materials.

To order our European Window Box Cage in custom sizes or for questions pertaining to your specific project, please contact one of our friendly representatives toll free: 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.


Window Box Cages Look   
Great on a House or Deck Rail 
(Cage/Decora Deck Brackets Sold Separately)

24in. European Window Box Cage
30" European Window Box Cage
36in. European Window Box Cage
42" European Window Box Cage
48" European Window Box Cage
54" European Window Box Cage
60in. European Window Box Cage
72" European Window Box Cage

An impeccably styled wrought iron flower box: this describes the European Window Box Cage from Hooks and Lattice. This design is original to our collection, and makes for striking wrought iron flower pot holders or lined planters, depending on your preference.

Inspired by European window boxes, these cages are constructed from heavy-duty, top-quality welded wrought iron. As a material present over generations of garden containers, welded wrought iron has withstood the test of time in terms of both durability and design value. Each wrought iron flower box in the European Window Box Cage style is bent to a pleasing silhouette with rows of angled black bars that develop into a scrolling detail at each end. Undeniably regal, each container exudes traditional sophistication while still managing to find relevance in contemporary landscapes.

Each European Window Box Cage starts with welded wrought iron for a durable structure and pleasing aesthetic. The material is finished in a powder coated black paint to give it that stunning dusky color and also for protection from outdoor elements. Powder coating is a superior form of paint application that protects the welded wrought iron from rusting and the other general wear and tear of exterior use.

In this category, our European window boxes are available in seven different sizes ranging from 24'' all the way up to 72'' in length. While these sizes should accommodate most projects, Hooks and Lattice can also offer most requests for custom planters - just give us a call.

Many utilize these European-inspired cages as lovely wrought iron flower pot holders. Fill with rows of terra cotta pots planted with your favorite flowers or herbs, and you have an easy and perfectly pretty home for container gardening. Others choose to use this style as a cohesive wrought iron flower box by inserting a liner. Mounted below front porch windows or even along deck railings, the European Window Box Cage will bring your curb appeal to a new level of chic. Fiberglass liners are available for separate purchase to create a single window box planter.

For questions or price quoting on a custom European Window Box Cage, please contact us toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.