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Contemporary Cages with Liners

For an eclectic accent at home, add wrought iron window planters in this contemporary window box cage design to your landscape plans. Our Contemporary Cages with Liners feature a streamlined, contemporary window box cage with a choice of six liner options. Each of the wrought iron window planters in this category is finished with a rust-resistant, powder-coated black paint and comes standard with a white Cellular PVC Liner. For additional cost, choose our Contemporary Window Box Cage with different colored metal liners, redwood, or a real copper insert.

Liner options and associated cost is visible via drop-down menu when you click on individual Contemporary Window Box Cage sizes.

To see this product without a white cellular PVC liner click here.

To talk about our Contemporary Cages with Liners or other wrought iron window planters from Hooks and Lattice, please call toll free: 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

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Check out our metal liner options

24in. Contemporary Cage w/ Liner
30in. Contemporary Cage w/ Liner
36in. Contemporary Cage w/ Liner
42in. Contemporary Cage w/ Liner
48in. Contemporary Cage w/ Liner
60in. Contemporary Cage w/ Liner
72in. Contemporary Cage w/ Liner

For a contemporary window box cage and liner combination, Hooks and Lattice presents these charismatic wrought iron window planters with a choice of six different inserts. The Contemporary Cages with Liners come standard with a white cellular PVC liner with other options available for additional cost.

To discover the options for Contemporary Cages with Liners, we invite our customers to browse conveniently online. By clicking on individual contemporary window box cage sizes, you will find additional information on each product including specific dimensions, pricing and estimated shipping time. Drop down menus with liner options are also available with the default set to a standard white PVC liner at no additional cost. By clicking on the arrow, other selections come up including: metal liners in silver-tone, bronze-tone or copper-tone finishes, a redwood liner, and a real copper liner. Any additional cost will accompany each liner selection in this menu.

Each of these wrought iron window planters has a cage finished with black, powder-coated paint. This makes each contemporary window box cage rust-resistant and also prepares it for outdoor use. In addition to looking fantastic, applying paint in the powder coating method makes for a product that holds up in all types of inclement weather including extreme temperatures, moisture or dryness.

Our Contemporary Cages with Liners each measure 9'' wide by 9'' high and length measurements are available in the following: 24'', 30'', 36'', 42'', 48'', 60'' and 72'' long. Pricing includes the contemporary window box cage and standard PVC liner, with cost increasing if another liner choice is made. Whichever type of insert you prefer, the combination is built for a flawless fit that is ready to shine upon arrival.

If you like these wrought iron window planters but wish to use a row of pots instead of a liner, check out our Contemporary Window Box Cage category where the same style is sold without a liner. If flowerpots are more your speed, most 6'', 7'' or 8'' styles will work for insertion into the cage. Hooks and Lattice also sells wrought iron window planters in other styles including options with a more traditional aesthetic.

For details on Contemporary Cages with Liners and how to make them shine at your home, one of our friendly representatives is available to assist toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.