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Garden Gate Cages with Liners

Garden Gate Window Box Cages with Liners Our Garden Gate Window Box Cage adds a sophisticated flair to any garden, railing, or window. Made of sturdy wrought iron and finished with rust-resistant powder-coated black paint, this window box cage is adorned with a scrolled pattern that makes an elegant statement when paired with green plants or blooming flowers. Fill our Garden Gate Window Box Cage with standard 8" pots or our durable white cellular PVC liner (liner included) and watch your garden grow right outside your kitchen window. Click here to see this product without a white cellular PVC liner

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24in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner
30in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner
36in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner
42in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner
48in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner
54in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner
60in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner
72in. Garden Gate Cage w/ Liner

Garden Gate cages with liners are a delightful addition to choices for stylish window box cages. Different people see different accents in our Garden Gate window box cages. Given the name, some see a graceful French fence gate accent you'd see across Europe and now across the United States as well. The garden gate window box cage design evokes delicate spring tendrils of vining plants for others. Whatever comes to mind, everyone sees a window box that will create a most pleasing accent for her or his home.

Add all kinds of excitement by using one of our metal window box liners. Silver tone, copper tone and our real copper liners create especially eye catching looks, and our bronze tone window box liner always adds a classic look. Or is simple white the best accent for your home? It's available, too. Or use favorite pots up to 8" to add a bistro flair.

Our wrought iron window boxes are always made with top quality iron using the strongest wrought iron possible for each component, and always welding rather than bolting elements together. Then we use the best black powder coating available to ensure every component of our wrought iron window box cages meets our standards of excellent.

Each of our liners works well with all shades of flowers, and glows with foliage plants. You might think about cape daisies (osteospermum) for some especially lovely choices with copper or bronze. Their yellows, oranges and bronzes are especially great with rich metal tones. Silver can go any direction, but pastels and whites with some dark accents in purples or greens pop especially nicely. Should you have a shady spot for your window boxes, caladium with their large variegated leaves, begonia and impatiens make exciting combinations and will all do well. Fire wing begonia is an especially good color and size sizzle.