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French Cages with Liners

Our French Window Box Cage will adorn any window, railing, or garden with a lovely wrought iron accent. Each of these window boxes' wrought iron cages is finished with a rust resistant, powder-coated black paint. French Cages with Liners come with a choice of white PVC, silver-tone, bronze-tone and copper-tone metal, or real copper liner options. A French Window Box Cage seen here is included with a white PVC liner - other options available at additional cost. Click here to see this product without a liner.

Click here to see this product without a white cellular PVC liner

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24in. French Cage w/ Liner
30in. French Cage w/ Liner
36in. French Cage w/ Liner
42in. French Cage w/ Liner
48in. French Cage w/ Liner
60in. French Cage w/ Liner
72in. French Cage w/ Liner

European-inspired French window box design meets the strength of wrought iron window box cages and liners in this collection of French Cages with Liners. Available online from Hooks and Lattice, each French Window Box is assembled with style and affordability in mind. Make a lovely home for your plants and flowers among our window boxes' wrought iron bars - stunning and sturdy.

In this category, our French Window Box is sold with a liner included. Each French Window Box Cage size comes standard with a white PVC liner built into the base price. For additional cost, choose wrought iron window box cages and liners in the following options: silver-tone, bronze-tone and copper-tone metal liners, or real copper liners. Pairings for French Cages with Liners are visible in more detail by clicking on individual sizes above. Pricing for different liner options can be accessed by utilizing the drop-down menu.

Wrought iron window box cages and liners in this French-inspired style profit from a contemporary spin on a time-honored structure. For sophisticated window boxes wrought iron has long been turned to as a material of choice. In the French Window Box Cage, loosely curved bars make for an entertaining silhouette that is playfully elegant. All in all, this planter could be described as a sophisticated container that doesn't take itself too seriously - ideal for the garden, deck or patio.

The French Cages with Liners are available in seven standard sizes with liner pairings built to match flawlessly. For customers desiring to purchase a French Window Box Cage without a liner, this option is also available in another category on the Hooks and Lattice website. Some gardeners like the liner option to keep everything in one continuous container, and others choose to fill their window boxes' wrought iron cages with a row of charming terracotta pots. Your planter, your style.

Each French Window Box is finished on three sides with the back face of the planter reserved for mounting. Hardware for your wrought iron window box cages and liners can be purchased separately. Due to the range of different surfaces our customers work with, the correct materials have been made available at affordable prices for all types of projects. For railing, fence or decorative wall mounting, check out products that come up on the right column of your page after clicking on an individually sized French Cages with Liners.

For assistance with our French Window Box Cage and liner options, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.