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Lattice Window Box Cages

Our Lattice Window Box Cage is a wonderful option for the homeowner who wants to add a charming, decorative wrought iron accent to their window or garden. The Lattice Window Box Cage is a classic design constructed out of meticulously layered wrought iron and finished with a sustainable powder-coated black paint. The clean lines offered by the Lattice Window Box Cage embellish even the most basic of plants and are designed to hold our standard cellular PVC liners and even most pots. The cage at left is shown with three terracotta pots (not included). The prices below are for the cage only. To view or purchase product including a white cellular PVC liner with the cage please click here.

24" Lattice Window Box Cage
30" Lattice Window Box Cage
36" Lattice Window Box Cage
42" Lattice Window Box Cage
48" Lattice Window Box Cage
54" Lattice Window Box Cage
60" Lattice Window Box Cage
72" Lattice Window Box Cage
Our Lattice Window Box Cage either accents lattice work on an older home or adds that lovely lattice pattern to a newer one. But unlike wood lattice, this wrought iron window box cage requires no upkeep to add its rich, satisfying lattice pattern to your home year after year. Lattice has been a designer favorite in recent years because of its perennially fresh appeal, is a window box design that will never seem dated and is a lovely counterpoint to any flowers or foliage plants.

When purchasing wrought iron planters or window boxes, seek information about construction. Some wrought iron window box cages, like ours, are carefully layered black wrought iron coated with a top quality powder-coat paint. Our customer service staff is always happy to answer your questions about window boxes, window box liners or any other product. Phone 1-800-896-0978.

You also have great container flowers display choices when you buy window boxes from Hooks and Lattice. See our wide variety of window box liners, including whites and metallics, and our natural coco coir window baskets trough liners. Like the lattice window box cages here, they come in lengths from 24" to 72" and are available in custom window box sizes to perfectly match any dimensions you need. 8" pots are a third lovely choice to accent your flower designs in the Lattice Window Box Cage.