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Wine Wall Art | Wine Bottle Wall Decor

Wine bottle wall art makes ideal decor for beverage connoisseurs or in the home of perpetual hosts who do a lot of entertaining. Wine themed wall art is also a charming accent to hang behind a bar or in the kitchen for, well, no particular reason at all. Whether you stomp your own grapes in the backyard or just love the look of elegant bottles and glasses, wine wall decor pieces are fun, fresh hangings that also act as a nice adult conversation piece.

From bottle to goblet, wine themed wall art featured online at Hooks & Lattice depicts all the things we love about this sophisticated beverage. From wine bottle wall art woven along a whimsical grapevine, to wine wall decor with panels that look as if they were plucked straight from the cellar, there is something here for any home. Corkscrews, bottles and elegant stem wine glasses all have a place at your dinner table, so go ahead and add them to decor with creative wine themed wall art today. Click on product photos below to view dimensions of each piece, information about pricing and shipping.

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17"W x 17"H Wine Bottles and Wine Glasses Wall Decor Art
Wine themed wall art is finding its way into the homes of entertainers, unique art lovers and grapevine aficionados alike. Whether you love a glass of red or white, wine wall decor is an expression of good spirits and fun in any home. Wine bottle wall art depicts combinations of glassware, corkscrews, grapevines and the wine itself, all in the form of charming wall hangings.

Wine bottle wall art makes a classy choice to hang behind bars or in kitchens. The sophistication of the wine drinker is definitely carried into each piece of wine themed wall art, which treats the theme with a combination of whimsy and reverence. For homes where a good glass of Pinot Noir is an experience to be revered, wine wall decor is an expression of taste. And in the residence where a perpetual host or hostess resides, wine themed wall art is a reminder to guests that there are good times to be had by all.

By clicking on items below, our online customers can explore individual pieces of wine wall decor in further detail. Wine themed wall art is available in distinct styles with different sizing. Smaller pieces could suit the small alcove of a mini-bar, and larger pieces are appropriate for broad wall spaces where a central accent piece is desired. Wine bottle wall art looks particularly charming when underscored by a rustic looking wooden accordion wine rack or when mounted above a collection of free standing bottles, glasses and other wine paraphernalia. However and wherever you plan to hang them, these wine-inspired pieces will delight the eye while helping to entice your palette.

Wine wall decor featured in this online category is available for convenient and secure online purchase through Hooks & Lattice. As a manufacturer and supplier of various home and garden products, the wine themed wall art we have compiled here is a reflection of the various customers we serve via our website and through custom ordering services. For questions on any of our products including these charismatic wall hangings, a knowledgeable and friendly member of our staff will be happy to offer assistance.