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Wood Post Finials

Add decorative detail with wood post finials for poles, fences and mailboxes. Where a square post looks raw or unfinished the simple addition of wood finials can significantly boost visual appeal. Choose here from a range of finials for posts including products made from standard or furniture grade wood.

Add a polished look to deck posts, flagpoles, fences and atop wooden mailbox frames. This easy and inexpensive fix adds a high-end, finished feeling to otherwise lackluster poles and posts. And with finials for posts of all types and sizes, there is no limit to their application.

Choose from units in standard or furniture grade materials. Standard grade options are made from treated material that can be applied inside or outside. Post caps are also available to accompany round finials for an easy pairing on square posts. For posts that require the utmost in sophistication, furniture grade options include designs with more intricate curvature and detailing.

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Furniture Grade Wood Finials
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Standard Grade Wood Finials
4 Standard Grade Low Cost Finials

Add detail and a boost of charm in the process. Available in furniture- and standard-grade materials, these finials are diverse to suit a range of projects. Place a finishing touch on a mailbox post, interior and exterior banisters, a garden fence or gazebo. Indeed, the simple addition of small, polished details can make a world of difference.

In standard and furniture-grade designs, wood post finials have been treated with a mostly undetectable wood preservative. This gives the material a natural look and feel for elegant presentation. They are also easy to paint or stain to match existing decor. Our customers use them for a range of interior and exterior applications including fences, arbors, gates and banisters.

When purchasing decoration for posts, consider where they will be displayed. For exterior applications, it is best to consider a treated option that will resist rot and decay from moisture. Treated materials have better corrosion protection and will last longer. For interior use, choosing a more refined option is beneficial to the visual aesthetic of a banister or piece of furniture. Applying stain and paint is another consideration to create a cohesive look.

Easy to install, these units come replete with the appropriate dowel screws. Customers may also choose from post caps, fasteners and other accessories per project. The standard grade units come in your choice of two different sizes, 3" and 5" in diameter, with an overall height of 5 1/4" and 7 1/2", respectively. Also available is an optional 4" x 4" post cap to accentuate the 3" finial and provide a smooth decorative transition to your square post.

Because our products are treated with a wood preservative they can be used as is. However, if planning to paint or stain, a primer coat is recommended for optimal coloration. A stain and varnish or primer and paint application is recommended to maximize the durability and lifespan of the wood.

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