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Premier Post and Panel Systems

Our new Premier Wood Looking Post and Panel Systems are a great option for a colonial wood looking post and panel systems.  Wrapped in a Premier cellular PVC board  these column style post and panel systems look great in the natural white color of the cellular PVC or they can be painted with any high grade latex paint.  By using high quality Premier cellular PVC we are able to provide our customers with a wood looking post system that has the outdoor durability of Premier cellular PVC.  Premier cellular PVC will not rot and it is completely insect safe.  Each Premier Cellular PVC post and panel system is custom made to your specifications.  

These Premier Post and Panel Systems are manufactured using a leading brand of Premier cellular PVC, offering an unequalled combination of uniformity, durability, and beauty. Premier cellular PVC is an amazing new product that will not split, cup, rot, warp or twist.  In fact, since Premier cellular PVC products can be used in direct contact with the ground or masonry it is often the material choice for moisture-prone applications like garage door jambs and hot tub surrounds. All of our high quality Premier Post and Panel Systems come in standard white, but can also be easily painted any color to suit your needs.  If you love the look of wood but are tired of the maintenance the new Hooks and Lattice Premier Cellular PVC Post and Panel Systems are a perfect choice. 

From a simple post and panel system that comes with a slightly decorated post to a combination of wrought iron and PVC Hooks and Lattice is your source for great looking post and panel systems.  For more information please call 888-919-74468


Old Post and Panel Example in Rancho Santa Fe
Premier Frame Post and Panel System