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This square lattice planter features a classic charm, making it a perennial favorite of the wood garden planters featured online at Hooks & Lattice. Each of these square planter boxes could vie for a spot in an authentic English country garden with their charming crisscross design. The only thing left wanting is a gardener's special touch.

Natural wood garden planters featured in this section are made from one of nature's miracle materials, northern white cedar. This wood ensures that each lattice planter has a naturally rot-resistant makeup and all square planter boxes are constructed so that you can plant directly into them. This eliminates the need for liners, although this is another option for easy potting and change-outs of seasonal arrangements.

On decks, patios, terraces and along walkways, the Square Lattice Planter Boxes make a stunning addition to any home. Here, the classic charm of an English Garden meets the durability of natural northern white cedar to create a beautiful container for landscapes and gardens.

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18" Lattice Deck Planter
24" Lattice Deck Planter
Lovely square planter boxes made from natural northern white cedar are the pinnacle of style and performance combined. The Square Lattice Wood Garden Planters are designed for distinction and manufactured to enhance your free time through their low maintenance nature.

Beginning with form, the square lattice planter has a clean geometric shape that is adorned on all sides by an elegantly crisscrossing lattice detail. These wood garden planters are quite engaging visually and even a bit dressy, but with timeless proportions.

Then there's the ease of square planter boxes that allows you more time for enjoying your landscape and the season. Each lattice planter is made from top grade cedar. Left to their own devices - leaving you to your discretionary time - wood garden planters will weather to the silver grey only cedar can achieve. If white or another color is preferred, painting is easy with acrylic or latex based paints. Pickling stain also works to add a different tone and unique dimension that matches or adds accent colors to a deck, porch, patio or yard. Line the ends of a garden bench, disperse alongside a pathway, or use on the edges of front porch steps. The possibilities are many and endlessly beautiful.

On top of outward form and function, a cedar lattice planter is also durable. Because it is so resistant to rotting, northern white cedar never requires a liner like other wood planters or window boxes. Although we know every gardener likes to tool around among their plants, efficient wood garden planters help to foster healthy growth and cut down on re-potting or container maintenance. They allow gardeners to enjoy porches, decks and patios in a state of leisure.

Already thinking about what to fill your lattice planter with? One of many ideas is a daphne or other small shrub which are evergreen north through Zone 6 and often most of the winter in Zone 5. Since our lattice square patio planter is 18" deep it looks wonderful with a single vertical plant, or a vertical plant surrounded by spilling blossoms and foliage. Try pink osteospermum with vinca or asparagus vine in moderate climates. In hot climates, choose a centerpiece that blooms through your heat - these vines will be fine.