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Large cedar planters will turn your back patio, front porch or rooftop terrace into a thriving container garden. Designed for durable use, these natural cedar wood planters can take soil and plants directly or be fitted with liners for added protection. Containers featured here are all northern white cedar garden planters sold in a natural finish. Over time, the material will weather to a silvery gray. Many of our customers choose to apply their own paint or stain to cedar wood planters for a lasting, customized color.

Made from a material that is resilient in the wild, cedar garden planters simply draw from nature's bounty in terms of durability. Each of the large cedar planters below has sturdy tongue and groove construction and uses galvanized screws for fastening. Flowers, small shrubs, green plants, herbs and vegetables can all find a home in container garden arrangements. Beginning with the elegant natural beauty of northern white cedar, season after season of flourishing beauty surely awaits.

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28"L x 18"W x 17"H Oversized Slatted Deck Planter
40"L x 18"W x 17"H Oversized Slatted Deck Planter
52"L x 18"W x 17"H Oversized Slatted Deck Planter
Cedar wood planters make a smart and lovely starting point for bountiful container arrangements. Each of the large cedar planters featured above is made from the northern white variety of this popular species. With an elegant and durable tongue and groove construction, the cedar garden planters from Hooks and Lattice are easy to appreciate for their functionality in addition to an inherent material beauty.

The oversized dimensions of these cedar garden planters makes this a particularly popular choice for container projects involving arrangements of various green plants, small shrubs and flowers. In urban settings, large cedar planters have also become a popular solution for growing edibles within a cityscape. On a high-rise terrace or a concealed townhouse patio, large cedar planters can make a home for vegetables and herbs outside most any city residence.

Large cedar planters are sold in their natural wood grain finish that will weather to a silvery gray tone over time. The exact period of time in which this occurs will vary depending on the region in which cedar garden planters will be utilized and their exposure to a combination of elements. To maintain the original color longer, different sealing options are available to delay the natural weathering process.

Perhaps the most popular choice for northern white cedar wood planters is to apply a favorite paint or stain to customize color and tone. Each home and garden is unique and our customers go with a range of different options including classic, crisp white paint or light stains that complement the natural grain of the wood. In addition, the selection of flowers and plants to fill containers will further distinguish its personality.

Applied directly into the garden or placed atop a hardscape surface, cedar wood planters are at home in any exterior setting. Filled with brilliantly colored pansies, petunias and snapdragons, the life and color profile of the wood shines. Herbs, tall grasses and draping vines also find a fresh and vibrant backdrop for their greenery in northern white cedar. Whatever accompaniments await in your garden, large cedar planters are sure to enhance your home's curb appeal along with homeowner happiness.