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Scalloped Cedar Wood Window Box

Our Scalloped Cedar Window Box is made of Northern White Cedar and assembled with screws for sturdiness and longevity. Each cedar window box measures 9" wide by 7.5" high with different length measurements available for matching with your window frames.

Northern White Cedar possesses a crisp, fresh characteristic that makes each Scalloped Cedar Wood Window Box a real work of natural beauty. Paired with an alluring scalloped design, each cedar window box combines the charm of a designer piece with the approachableness of something made in a local woodshop. A cedar window box looks lovely upon arrival but also provides a canvas of Northern White Cedar for your customizations. Some of our customers choose to paint or stain at home.

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24in. Wood Scalloped Window Box
30" Wood Scalloped Window Box
36" Wood Scalloped Window Box

Northern White Cedar is a favorite material for outdoor planters, and these scalloped window boxes showcase the wood's natural beauty with their elegant design. Each cedar window box seen here is finished with a top edge that features continuous, gently sloping curves. In this traditionally loved border style, the Scalloped Cedar Wood Window Box makes for a classic addition to home exteriors.

Our scalloped window boxes are a favorite among gardeners who admire Northern White Cedar and other natural materials for planting containers. There's nothing like the look of a cedar window box against brilliantly colored daisies, pansies, snapdragons or marigolds. Cedar window boxes also make a stunning home for herb gardens, vines or other greenery.

In addition to beauty, each Scalloped Cedar Wood Window Box is also built for practical gardening. Our cedar window boxes are designed for affixing to your home or any other flat surface through an easy cleat mounting system. Simply attach a bottom cleat to the mounting surface and the cedar window box cleat will rest on top.

Scalloped window boxes in Northern White Cedar measure 9 in. wide by 7 1/2 in. high and come in different length measurements. Each cedar window box is priced according to its length measurement with an affordable price tag accompanying all standard sizes: 24 in., 30 in., and 36 in. long.

Northern White Cedar has a reputation as one of the best wooden materials out there for outdoor planting. In its natural exterior habitat, each cedar window box will shine and create a durable habitat for flowers and plants. Many of our customers choose to keep scalloped window boxes in their unpolished form for enjoyment of the natural wood grain. Others like to customize using paint or stain.

In addition to our Scalloped Cedar Wood Window Box style, Hooks and Lattice also offers additional cedar window box designs like the Raised Panel, Standard or Cedar Framed Cottage Window Box. If natural Cedar Window Boxes aren't your style but you want a wooden container, then try redwood or one of our painted cedar options.

For questions on our Scalloped Window Boxes or other cedar window box styles, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.