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Raised Panel Cedar Window Box

At Hooks & Lattice, our comprehensive line of wood flower boxes includes a range of cedar window box options. This Raised Panel Cedar Window Boxes are one such design. Here, timeless style and durable construction come together to create wood flower boxes that are an immediate classic for container gardening.

Each cedar window box featured here is constructed to allow for planting directly into them. Utilizing northern white cedar these wood flower boxes begin from superior material and are given a classic raised panel design on the container's outward face. Planters are fully sanded for a smooth finish that can be left in its natural wood grain or colored using paints and stains. If left to natural weathering, a cedar window box will evolve into a mature gray color during a period of around 12-18 months depending on climate and other environmental factors. Order Raised Panel Cedar Window Boxes online from our assortment of popular sizes. Purchases include an easy to install wood mounting bracket.

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26" Raised Panel Cedar Window Box
32" Raised Panel Cedar Window Box
38in. Raised Panel Cedar Window Box
50" Raised Panel Cedar Window Box
Yet another brilliant cedar window box design from Hooks & Lattice, the Raised Panel Wood Flower Boxes make an easy, charming container garden. Featuring simple lines formed by recessed panels with a wide picture frame style edging, classic design elements are well used here. So well that cedar window boxes in this raised panel design will satisfy the architectural soul in everyone while serving as a complement to the features of homes from any period. You can't go wrong.

Why choose cedar wood flower boxes? In the simplest terms, cedar window boxes are an easy decision for homes where trim or other exterior elements such as decks are made from similar materials. From the new warmness of refined wood to the unmistakable silver tones created as natural cedar weathers, wood flower boxes will evolve with your outdoor spaces. And although a cedar window box makes a logical addition to homes that already incorporate this well-loved material, the wood is versatile enough to accompany vinyl, stucco and brick exteriors as well.

Customers who are considering cedar window boxes often have questions about the weathering process and how long it takes. Weathering for natural northern white cedar will vary according to the wood itself and local environmental factors. In a standard four-season climate lovely silver tones may appear in as little as a year. Some uneven tones or blotches may look like rot or other reasons for concern, but are typical as outdoor cedar furnishings age. These natural blemishes will resolve themselves.

Raised Panel Cedar Window Boxes are sold in their natural wood grain color. For the purists out there, wood flower boxes can be mounted as is or stained to maintain the appearance of the wood grain while tinting to a desired tone. For an exact match to exterior décor, painting is another choice to color a cedar window box while simultaneously increasing container longevity. For the longest life, adding a paint or stain to new cedar window boxes is recommended.

In any finish cedar planters offer exceptional resistance to rot. Inherent moisture resistance makes these containers suited to direct planting, but liners are suggested for convenience and ease of maintenance when re-potting or winterizing your container gardens.