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Standard Cedar Wood Window Box

This is a very nice window box. Notice the rounded edges, galvanized screws (all holes plugged) and tongue and groove structure. This simple and innovative design incorporates the best in quality and craftsmanship. Check out our Installation Guide to see how our window boxes come with their own easy and yet durable mounting system. All our planters are constructed so that you can plant directly into them. Northern white cedar is on of nature's small miracles. It's rot resistant.

Comes with an easy to install wood mounting cleat on back. Iron brackets shown in photo are for decorative purposes only.

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26" Standard Cedar Wood Window Box incl. Back Cleat Mounting Bracket
32in. Standard Cedar Wood Window Box incl. Back Cleat Mounting Bracket
38in. Standard Cedar Wood Window Box incl. Back Cleat Mounting Bracket
50" Standard Cedar Wood Window Box Incl. Back Cleat Mounting Bracket

When you consider wood window boxes, cedar window boxes should be at the top of your list because cedar planters have so many desirable window box features.

First, their longevity. Cedar wood window boxes will last for many, many years. Second, their unmatched resistance to rot that allows you to plant directly into your cedar wood window boxes. Third, their beauty. Did you know cedar weathers naturally to a subdued silvered grey that is the perfect accent for plants? If you prefer another color but want cedar wood window boxes, cedar holds paint very well. Because the craftspeople who fashion our cedar planters set such high standards, your cedar wood window boxes will never need sanding or further finishing.

Carefree window boxes are a lovely thought! Our cedar window boxes include the back cleat and mounting bracket that make Hooks and Lattice a leading source of window boxes across the United States.

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