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Featuring indoor and outdoor wrought iron wall decor pieces, this section of decorative hangings from Hooks & Lattice is only the beginning. As an iron forger we can create wrought iron wall art styles specific to any taste. If you have a design in mind, simply send us a drawing or sketch of visualized wrought iron wall decor and we will work to create a custom piece for your home.

Our blacksmiths and forgers are experienced in working with a range of materials and the creation of indoor and outdoor wrought iron wall decor in one-of-a-kind designs is no exception. Each piece of wrought iron wall art is bent with the utmost care and attention to detail to finely execute each twist, turn and intersection of the elegant dark metal. Choose one of the designs featured online or send in one of your own. Whatever style you prefer, Hooks & Lattice will create an elegant piece of wrought iron wall decor to enhance your exterior walls or interior design. Viable custom requests will be quoted based on size and intricacy.

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Don't just buy wrought iron wall art, buy wrought iron wall decor that suits your home interior or exterior. At Hooks & Lattice, we have compiled assorted styles of indoor and outdoor wrought iron wall decor that encompasses sophistication, charm and whimsy. Whether you want a piece to adorn an interior breakfast bar or are seeking an accent piece for a drab outdoor wall, we have it or can create it based on a custom design.

As an experienced metal and iron forger, we can create wrought iron wall decor based on the custom designs of our customers. Professional designers and do-it-yourselfers alike may find that the elegance of wrought iron is a fit for their project, while also running into the limitations of wrought iron wall art available in home stores or from other online retailers. In these cases, we are proud to offer the option to create custom indoor and outdoor wrought iron wall decor derived from as little as a sketch. If you can visualize it, chances are we can build it. Our professional team assesses custom designs to determine viability and, if a design is feasible, a price quote will be provided based on the level of detail and size.

Outdoors, wrought iron wall art is a unique way to dress up exterior walls that are adjacent to a front porch, patio or terrace. For expansive hardscape surfaces that feature an outdoor kitchen, grilling area or bar, a catchy abstract or wine and spirits-themed design can be just what your outdoor entertainment area needs. Wrought iron wall decor makes a natural complement to outdoor spaces in terms of texture and durability. Hanging pieces in this resilient material makes for an effortless exterior accent.

Inside, wall decor made from wrought iron makes a strong statement. On large walls that need something substantial aside from a traditional painting or mass-produced print, metal wall hangings are a solid alternative. Wrought iron material, although commonly thought of in terms of practical fixtures such as banisters or posts, has a naturally alluring element to it that lends very well to artistic bends and twists. In traditional ornate patterns, modern abstract shape combinations, or bent to the likeness of an actual object, wrought iron wall decor makes a brilliant impact on interior design.