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Lattice Cages With Liners

Our Lattice Window Box Cage is a wonderful option for the homeowner who wants to add a charming, decorative wrought iron accent to their window or garden. The Lattice Window Box Cage is a classic design constructed of meticulously layered wrought iron and finished with a sustainable powder-coated black paint. The clean lines offered by the Lattice Window Box Cage embellish even the most basic of plants and are designed to hold our standard cellular PVC liners and even most 8" pots (not included). The cage at left is shown with our standard cellular PVC liner, which is included in the price. To purchase the Lattice Window Box Cage without the liner please click here:

Check out our metal liner options

24in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner
30in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner
36in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner
42in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner
48in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner
54in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner
60in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner
72in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner

Our Lattice Cages with Liners offer something you don't get every day - an opportunity to create something totally personalized in window boxes. Their versatility comes from an unusual range of liner options. Bronze, copper and silver tones have been carefully applied to galvanized metal to retain their colors and finish. You may also choose real copper created from beautiful 16 to 22-ounce sheets of copper. Our metal liners, most of which can also be used as stand-along window boxes, all have predrilled liner holes, so they arrive ready to use. We also offer classic white PVC liners, too.

All of our liners offer many years of use, as do our exceptionally well-made lattice window boxes. Top quality wrought iron is carefully layered together and finished with the finest black powder-coat finish.

Bolts to fasten our lattice cages with liners are available from Hooks and Lattice, too. If you have questions about which would be best for your home, contact our customer service representatives at 1-800-896-0978. Your questions are always welcome.

Another way to enjoy the European feel of these lattice window box cages it to keep the breezy open look by filling them with 8" flower pots. It's a great way to enjoy your window boxes early and late with some cool season flowers like pansies, and then switch out for some flowers that love heat for the summer. A few ideas would be zinnias, vincas, marigolds and salvias.