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24in. XL Carolina Window Box w/ XL Coco Liner

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24"L x 9.5"W x 10"H

Traditional Baskets with an XL Twist
The extra large Carolina outdoor wall planter baskets have all you need to grow thriving plants right on your façade, deck, or fence. The classic open basket design brings elegance Southern beauty to your outdoor décor, while the included pre-molded coconut coir liner helps to nourish growing plants and root system. The twofold benefit of coconut coir material and extra deep basket design ensures that your plants will retain moisture much longer than plants in traditional window box planters. We call this window basket the "Carolina" because allows extra depth for better water retention in hot and dry climates like the South.

The Universal Window Planter Box
Similar to the traditional English Garden basket design, the XL Carolina outdoor wall planter basket has all the classic charm you would expect in a hayrack-style window box. Slim metal rods in a subtle matte black hue taper to a rounded bottom, giving this planter a sleek, organic look. The black powder coat finish will help protect your window box from rust while it spends many seasons out in the elements. Because of their simple design, these planter baskets make a great addition to any type of exterior décor. They are the perfect accompaniment to rustic, country, coastal, and cabin-style homes.

Beneficial Coconut Coir Liners
Each Carolina window planter box comes complete with a coconut coir liner, truly completing the look with natural charm. Coconut coir liners are great for organic gardening, offering trace amount of beneficial minerals like phosphorus and potassium. These porous liners allow for good aeration and drainage. They absorb water well, allowing your plants to drink as needed and not dry out. We offer additional pre-molded coir liners on our site, so you can replace your season after season for healthier plants. We also provide all the mounting hardware you will need for hanging these baskets on walls, windows, fences, or railings.

24"L x 9.5"W x 10"H