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42in. XL Carolina Window Box w/ XL Coco Liner

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42" L x 9.5"W x 10"H

Traditional Hayrack Flower Boxes
If you like the rustic look of traditional hayrack flower boxes but wish for something a little more substantial to help your plants to thrive in the hot, dry summer months then our extra large Carolina window baskets and wall planters are just the thing for you. Beautify your exterior and bring some plant-nourishing, water-retaining gardening joy to your container gardening experience. Complete with a natural coconut coir liner, each Carolina hayrack window basket features an extra deep, extra wide design to accommodate growing root systems in warm weather. Taking a lesson from traditional Southern gardeners, we designed this planter to be deeper than your average hayrack planter to allow more moisture for plants in hotter climates. All the traditional English Garden basket appeal with a more practical design!

The Benefits of Coconut Coir
Each of our hayrack flower boxes includes a natural coco coir liner that is just bursting with plant-loving benefits. These preformed liners perfectly fit inside your Carolina wall planters for a custom look every time. Coconut coir is wonderful for organic container gardening, offering supplemental minerals to your plants as the season goes by. Because of their porous design, coconut coir liners allow good drainage and aeration while also retaining moisture. You can water less often and not have to worry about plants drying out. Coco coir liner also have antifungal qualities which may help to prevent plant diseases.

Displaying Hayrack Window Boxes
These true beauty of these hayrack flower boxes is their simple yet elegant design. They are the icing on the cake for rustic- and traditional-style homes, adding a burst of vibrant color to windows and walls. With a matte black powder coat finish (which helps to prevent rust) they blend well with any outdoor color scheme. These tapered flower boxes can be hung on walls, fences, or railings if you want to display them on an upper story balcony or verandah.

42" L x 9.5"W x 10"H