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60in. XL Carolina Window Box w/ XL Coco Liner

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60" L x 9.5"W x 10"H

Complement Natural Outdoor Decor
Colorful spring bulbs, trailing ivies, fragrant herbs, and glossy winter shrubs meet their perfect compliment with these traditional-style XL Carolina hayrack window box. Nothing looks more breathtaking overflowing with delicate, lush greenery than these matte black window baskets with natural coco liners. Enhance the organic look of your rustic, traditional, country, coastal or cabin-style home with beautiful window baskets filled to the brim with your favorite plants. Modified to accommodate plants in warm and dry climates, our Carolina wall planter baskets have an extra deep design, perfect for retaining moisture longer and growing larger varieties of container plants.

Plants Love Our Extra Thick Coco Liners
While you're beautifying your outdoor décor why not do those lovely plants a favor as well? These coconut coir liners add a sense of rustic, natural charm to your decorating project and also add a ton of benefits for your growing plants. Each of our Carolina hayrack window box planters includes a preformed coco coir liner, ready to fill with soil and plants. Natural coconut fiber allows for better aeration and drainage than traditional plastic liners, offering the perfect amount of moisture every time. Coco coir also has antifungal properties and offers trace amounts of beneficial minerals to feed your plants. These liners can be removed for replanting each season or for winter storage. We offer replacement coir liners online.

How to Use Hayrack Window Box Planters
With a subtle matte black powder coat finish (that also protects your planters from rust and wear), our XL Carolina baskets match well with any exterior color scheme. They can be hung from any flat surface, not just windows. Use them to add floral beauty to fence lines and blank walls.

You can also add these container gardens to deck, porch, or balcony railings, saving floor space. They install in minutes, adding instant curb appeal to your home. Find the proper mounting hardware for your project on our website, including bolts, brackets, and over-the-rail deck drapes.

60" L x 9.5"W x 10"H