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72in. XL Carolina Window Box w/ XL Coco Liner

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72" L x 9.5"W x 10"H

Stylish Large Window Planter Boxes Complete with Coco Liners
Extra deep, extra large window baskets mean extra container gardening pleasure for you, your home, and anyone who happens to pass by and enjoy the bright blooms and lush greenery. Don't settle for many smaller window boxes when what you really needs is one unified planter to really make those long picture windows or balcony railings stand out. Available here at over five feet in length, the XL Carolina window basket is the perfect way to add quick and delightful curb appeal to your façade. These XL baskets can be hung from any window, wall, fence or railing with the proper mounting hardware (sold separately).

Upgraded Size, Same Elegant Look
Made from heavy-duty wrought iron round bars, these large window baskets more than carry their weight. Unlike flimsy store-bought window boxes, our hayrack window planter boxes won't warp or break after many seasons out in the element. The black powder coat finish helps to protect them from rusting. And while they feature a practical design, these planter baskets are anything but boring. They embody the timeless elegance of Old World design. An adaptation on traditional English Garden window baskets, the Carolina planters take it a step further. Adding extra depth for even better moisture retention in warm, dry climates, this design allows you to spend less time watering your plants.

Container Gardens for Railings
Each large window basket planter comes complete with a preformed coconut coir liner. This natural liner is the perfect complement to that classic, organic look. And it offers a plethora of benefits for your plants too! Coconut coir is an all-natural material with inherent antifungal properties to prevent plant disease. It provides superior moisture retention, aeration and drainage. Coir liners can be replaced year after year for seasonal plantings. Find replacement liners on our site.

72" L x 9.5"W x 10"H