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7' Zebra Print Palm Tree in Metal Planter

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Unique Zebra Print Decorations

You'll think you've fallen asleep and stepped into your wildest design dream when you look at this zebra print palm tree. A quirky juxtaposition of realistic greenery and advant garde design, this jungle-themed home and salon décor is sure to bring a smile to your face. Anyone who is a fan of zebra print decorations will be quick to add this one-of-a-kind potted palm to her interior décor. Add vertical interest and intriguing focal points to rooms with contemporary and eclectic styles while also bringing in a fresh element of the outdoors- in particular the African savannah!

A Fun Twist on the Ordinary

Though we at Artificial Plants Unlimited specialize in creating the most botanically accurate faux plants you'll find anywhere on the web, sometimes we like to flex our creative juices as well. A fun and flirty take on the classic potted palm, this tall artificial tree showcases the same large, showy round leaves that you love only in black and white stripes rather than green. Now that's truly a horse of a different color! This fake palm tree has a natural brown wooden trunk that closely resembles the real thing. The only way you'll know this isn't a live plant is by the distinctive foliage.

Funky Lounge and Salon Décor

Just when you thought you couldn't cover another surface with zebra print, here comes a houseplant to take on the stripes. These funky indoor trees are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to contemporary décor. Aside from home living rooms, bedrooms, and foyers, these unique potted zebras are also a hit in chic salons and boutiques, restaurants and lounges, hotels and casinos. They can be used with simple black and white décor or used in stunning contrast against vibrant colors. Each zebra print palm comes in its own modern tapered square planter. Sleek and simple, this metal pot is the perfect match for this showy palm.