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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 - Treat yourself and your home this holiday season!
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Wall Terrariums

Wall terrariums are a fun and whimsical Christmas gift that brings a little bit of the outdoors inside.  Glass wall terrariums hung on blank wall spaces are a great alternative to a painting or a picture print, and add living texture and charm.  More shapes and sizes available here:

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Our Moss and Sedum terrarium kits are the perfect gift for the “do-it-yourselfer” that brings life back to recycled wine bottles.  These kits come replete with seeds and growing medium and the necessary tools to create an easy to grow beautiful terrarium.  Hanging globes and plenty of other terrarium styles to choose from.

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Gifts that Grow

Give someone you love the gift of life! Growing herbs and flowers is a fun way to teach kids how to tend and care for plants, bring color into the house or to introduce fresh herbs into your cooking. Our Gifts that Grow come with everything you need for beautiful house plants and make great gifts. Several styles and plants to choose from!

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Gift Certificates

Not sure what to get the gardener in your family? Let them decide by giving them a gift certificate from Hooks and Lattice! They can use the gift certificate to purchase pots, planters or add curb appeal to their house with shutters...whatever they choose, a Hooks and Lattice gift certificate is sure to be a hit.

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Shop Potted Herbs

Living Walls

Create a living wall from re-purposed wine crates!  This is really too easy... just install a selection of up to 9 potted 4” plants in a variety of colors and textures on the prefab shelves, hang it up, and enjoy a glass of wine.  The old wine crates add character to a fence or wall, and the shelves have been designed to transfer and feed water to the pots as needed.  Not into wine? We have multiple styles of living walls as well as indoor or outdoor walls.

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Shop Decorative Bird Cages

Bird Cages

These vintage bird cages can be used as a unique display case, dining room centerpiece or a great plant stand. Help the designed challenged by giving them a decorative bird cage to help their room take flight!

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Shop Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets makes it easy to grow beautiful flowers and plants regardless of how big your backyard might be. Even a small balcony is suitable and improved by the presence of a hanging basket. Let your love bloom and give someone a beautiful hanging basket

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Shop Succulents


Growing succulents is easy and they bring life and beauty into your home. Even if your friends or family struggle keeping any plants alive, they'll surely succeed with succulents that require minimal watering and care. Planted in a beautiful wood planter, these succulents are sure to impress!

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Decorative Lanterns

Christmas is the season of light, and what better way to light up someone’s day but with a gift of a beautiful lantern.  Hooks and Lattice has a nice selection of pretty lanterns that will look good indoors or out, and will create a festive mood and atmosphere anytime the candles are lit. 

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Shop Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Decorations

Who wouldn’t love a fresh and distinctive Christmas wreath this season?  At Hooks and Lattice we are bringing you a collection of wreaths and decorations that bring the warm scent of pine along with other natural herbs, twigs, and branches designed to delight the senses as well as the eyes.  Placed on a door or over a mantle, this traditional symbol of Christmas is enduring and a perfect gift for anyone on your “nice list”.

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