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Artificial Fern & Ivy Arrangements for Window Boxes

These arrangements of artificial plants for window boxes feature favorite green plants as a centerpiece for your outdoor container gardens. Modeled after the Buckler variety, artificial ferns have elegantly arching fronds. Our artificial ivy vines use the English variety as their muse, providing a realistic portrayal of its classic charm. These faux plants are ideal for high-up places that are hard to water such as second- and third-story window boxes.

Artificial ferns and ivy vines are here paired with brilliantly colored bromeliads for an exotic touch. Artificial plants for window boxes are alluring not only because of their lifelike beauty but also due to their ease of use. Artificial ivy vines and ferns are outdoor-rated products that are fade-resistant and hold up well even in direct sunlight. Although they look like the real thing, artificial plants for window boxes do not require watering, pruning or specific soil acidity. They also thrive in any climate unlike their counterparts in nature.

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72" Window Box Recipe - Buckler Fern and Ivy

Artificial ivy vines and buckler ferns from Hooks and Lattice are superb artificial plants for window boxes on your home exterior. Our customers utilize artificial ferns and other varieties for a range of reasons including limitations on time, regional challenges or just because they look beautiful and require no maintenance. In these custom arrangements of artificial plants for window boxes, we have combined the elegant rich greens of Buckler fern and English ivy with the exotic brilliance of the bromeliad for an arrangement with undeniable allure.

Artificial ferns utilized here are modeled after the buckler species in nature that is known for its visible scales and full fronds. This replication is designed to look as authentic as possible and also to function as a durable, outdoor-rated product that holds its color well when exposed to sun. The artificial ivy vines in these arrangements are modeled after a well-known species, English ivy. A rich, deep green coloration and prominently shaped foliage is imitated well in faux form. And like our faux ferns, artificial ivy vines are resistant to fading in the sun or other damage from outdoor elements such as moisture.

At Hooks and Lattice, we see artificial plants for window boxes as a natural extension of our product offerings. They may not have come from nature, but they do a good job of imitating it for those who turn to faux for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most popular use of these artificial ivy vines and fern arrangements is for 'planting' in second-story window boxes that are out of reach for watering and other maintenance. Don't risk your life hanging out of an upper-level window just to make beautiful window boxes. Instead, use our custom arrangements of artificial ferns and ivy vines with an extra pop of color added by orange and red bromeliads. Their brilliance is noticeable from far away and adds that little extra something to your window box planters.

In addition to the custom artificial plants for window boxes featured above, we also carry an extensive selection of other plants available for individual purchase. Hooks and Lattice can also work with customers who want to create custom arrangements of artificial plants utilizing a range of styles and sizes. We carry window boxes in various materials and designs to suit a range of homes, so make us your one-stop online shop for home beautification.