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Artificial Boxwood Bush Arrangements for Window Boxes

Longing for perfect window boxes that look pristine all year round? Hooks and Lattice takes all of the work out of window gardening with Artificial Boxwood Bush Arrangements for Window Boxes. We use commercial-quality artificial plants that are treated through and through with UV protective additives for display throughout the seasons. Unlike fake plants you see in local stores, these have sturdy wireframe construction and will not fade for many years to come - even in full sun!

Our window box plant recipes can be purchased with or without a window planter.  You can also choose to create a DIY arrangement, or allow us to populate the planter with Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Plants for perfect window boxes that are ready to display instantly. We take the time to make these look amazing - including a moss topper that will fool everyone into thinking these faux plants are the real deal!

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24in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes
30in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes
36in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes
42in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes
48in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes
54in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes
60in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes
72in. Window Box Recipe - Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Bushes

Artificial Boxwood Bush Arrangements for Window Box Planters

If you have been considering a consistent green look that is lush and robust year after year, our boxwood outdoor artificial plants, specifically Boxwood Bush Arrangements, delivers. With its UV rated protection and sturdy commercial-grade construction made using a sophisticated wireframe fabrication, these faux boxwood shrubs come by themselves, or you can opt for them "pre-planted" in fiberglass window box planters. These fade resistant window box plants and planters will stand the test of time no matter where you live. And for individuals with black thumbs, we also offer floral and tropical window box recipes» can fool the neighbors, presenting the look of thriving live plants without all the maintenance. Once positioned as to thickness and spacing in your planter box, add real dirt for an authentic look. Or, if preferred, complete the picture of green with realistic-looking moss.

There are 2 Ways to Buy Window Box Plants:

  • 16" Boxwood Plants Only - Order without the window box to create a DIY arrangement in your existing containers.
  • Boxwood Plants Planted in a Modern Farmhouse Window Box - Order the complete kit and we'll ship it to you fully populated (as shown). Plants are firmly mounted in foam and a moss topper is added for realism.

Keep in mind -- we can fill any flower box or planter with any variety of indoor or outdoor artificial plants you see on our websites. If boxwood isn't quite what you're looking for, consider our faux succulents, white gardenias or any of our colorful hanging plants like flowering morning glories, bourgainvillea or impatiens. English Ivy planter boxes are also available for a traditional arrangement similar to our boxwood European window boxes sold here.

Accent Artificial Boxwood Hedges Too

It's easy to accent artificial boxwood hedges with our fake plants for window boxes to establish a seamless verdant look on your property. Whether you populate a fiberglass flower box, vinyl planter, choose the elegance of European window boxes, or go for rustic real wood window planters, boosting curb appeal with faux boxwood is easy. Once you've chosen artificial plants of any kind to decorate your home's exterior decor, you may never go back to all the work that live plants require.

Artificial Boxwood Recipe Options: Durability That Lasts

We carry eight different artificial boxwood recipe lengths sufficient to suit a wide variety of window box sizes, from 24 inches to a whopping 72 inches. In addition, we can also custom manufacture whatever length you require, whether it's shorter or longer than our standard sizes. Further, if your curb appeal ideas call for a fuller look, we can make thicker recipes so each window planter looks fuller and bushier with boxwood foliage. Leaves are made with variable greens, just like boxwood appears in nature too. Yet, with their polyblend construction and UV protection, they can endure any climate's weather extremes, looking well-nourished no matter the season. Regardless of how much moisture, frigid temperatures, or blazing sun you receive in your part of the country, our artificial boxwood plants will provide years of enduring beauty.