Black Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Medium Half Inch

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Stunning Fire Glass Beads

It may be black in color but this dark fire pit glass will look nothing like those ugly old lumps of coal that you usually see sitting at the bottom of your charcoal fire pit. Designed especially for gas-burning fire pits, these decorative fire glass beads are made to enhance the aesthetic of your fire in a big way. Unlike regular rocks, these 1/2" chunks of glass have a mirror finish on one side, giving them a lovely reflective look. One thing is for certain- they will remind you more of precious jewels than rocks when you watch the flames jump and dance off their smooth surface. Add an aesthetic upgrade to your fire pit.

Black Fire Pit Glass with Copper Pits

These black fire glass rocks are a lovely complement to metal fire accents, especially the warm gleaming glow of copper. Against the black, reflective backdrop crackling flames truly stand out, too. Aside from looking visually stunning, this product also helps to control the direction of the flames. Fill your fire pit bowl with this tempered glass and magically hide those burner and gas line elements, offering a more complete and more natural look. The sight of fire leaping forth from this glittering black glass is truly mesmerizing!

A Lifetime of Mesmerizing Fires

One bag of reflective fire pit glass is sure to last you for many years, so you won't have to purchase more any time soon. Unlike fake logs or lava rocks, you won't see any signs of wear and tear or fire damage on this tempered glass, especially since it is black in color. Though propane fires can leave a residue that can discolor lighter shades of glass, that won't ever be a problem with these black rocks. Sourced from broken tempered glass panels, this material is impervious to heat fluctuations and environmentally safe as well.

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Diameter 0.5"
Color Black
Material Glass
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