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21in. Wide - Classic Collection Raised 2 Equal Panel Shutters w/ Arched Top (pair)

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21"W x H
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These shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

Love the look of those old colonial homes you pass? Give your home that same level of charm and curb appeal, but without all the old world maintenance and headaches, with our Atlantic shutters. These shutters are designed with modern homeowners in mind, and feature an expertly crafted design from composite wood. This material is 90% wood, so it has the look and feel of real wood, but it won't rot, warp, or become a feast for hungry insects. In addition this, our shutters are ultra-weather resistant thanks to the oven-baked acrylic finish. Chipping, peeling, and fading are kept at bay, so you don't have to constantly repaint the shutters to maintain their appearance. Just mount them and consider them worry free.

Each of these shutters can be mounted for decorative purposes using the included fixed mount hardware. Or, buy the optional workable hardware for open and close action. This helps keep windows protected from harsh outdoor conditions, provides darkness in the bedroom to block out the light, or keep burglars and invaders from targeting your home.

Choose from a range of colors and sizes to easily accommodate your aesthetic tastes and practical needs. The Atlantic shutters are also available in flat and single panel options for even further customization.

21"W x H
Thickness: 1"
Middle Rail: 2.5"
Bottom Rail: 4.125"
Arch begins at the height you select
Comes with Direct Mount Hardware

Composite Wood & Composite Fiberglass Shutter Color Options
40 Colors Available

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In our online How-To / DIY exterior shutter guides we show you how to measure for decorative shutters, also known as "fixed"or "direct mount"shutters, as well as operable or functional exterior shutter pairs. Installation is a snap with our guides relating to Projected, Recessed or Flush window shutter installations. There you will find diagrams and the proper way to calculate the right dimensions for your order.

Upgrade your current shutters to premium exterior shutter from Hooks and Lattice for a boost of curb appeal delivered right to your door.

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